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Foods from Market Organics

2013 Aug 10
‘Market Organics’ describes itself as a ‘natural food store’ but it is really a lot more than this. It is quite a large establishment and is essentially divided into two sections. One side is devoted largely to straight food products of all sorts, while the other contains more health-related items including dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies and herb preparations and the like. There is however considerable overlap between the two...

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2010 Sep 27
Last Saturday I attended an open house at Market Organics to celebrate their recent expansion to an adjoining retail space. They are now focussing more on locally sourced products and many vendors were on-site to provide samples and to answer questions. Scratch Kitchen was there providing samples of butter chicken (delicious!) and Auntie Loos was there providing samples of chocolate cake (AWESOME!). Market Organics now carries Michaels Dolce jams.

A new addition to their retail space is a lunch counter to the right of the entrance. They have some bistro style tables and chairs by the windows for their customers to enjoy their meal and to do a little people watching. Lunch is available seven days a week and they plan on offering one hot dish (last Saturday it was vegan lasagna) and an assortment of salads. Their lunch items looked delicious so I will have to make a point of going back to try some of their offerings.

2009 Dec 16
I would assume from their comment that Organic :-) Organic :-) has a concern or sensitivity about scents. Most 'natural foods' stores that have been around for a while started out with some connection or another to 'new age mysticism' and many have robust aromatherapy, or incense sections. I would suggest it is possible to be a good natural foods store, and still not be appropriate for people with strong scent aversions. I think your review is unnecessarily harsh, as is your review of a similar vein of one of the other natural food stores in Ottawa. Ottawa Foodies is supposed to be a recommendation site, not a complaint, or sour grapes site. If you want to communicate with other people who may have scent-free lifestyle concerns, start a forum topic.

2009 Dec 15
this could be a good store but not until they deal with their incense problem. I can't eat anything from there - it is all saturated with scents - due to their incense etc products - and maybe they are storing things wrong - not sure why it is so incredibly pervasive. maybe an air circulation system issue. even the packaged goods get saturated - seriously. if you have scents allergies at all advise to skip this one. very unfortunate.

2009 Jun 15
Market Organics is by far the best organic/natural food store in the city. They always have a clearance bin full of deals, customer appreciation contests and samples. They have great sales on popular items and great organic, vegan and/or raw meals that have been prepared in-store. You should try the the raw sunny pate - it's great and extremely nutritious.

They have delicious fresh organic baguettes like the Thyme and caramelized onion or the cheddar and espelette or my favorite, sundried tomato and garlic.

On top of all that, the staff are incredibly sweet and very knowledgeable. This store is always my first stop for organic/raw food but the second best would have to be herb & spice. Rainbow foods is overrated and the natural food pantry is over-priced.


2009 Jun 1
As far as I know, only place to sell Zhena's Gypsy Teas. $10/tin a tad expensive but they have a decent variety of flavours.