Organic, fair trade teas.

Where to get Zhena's Gypsy Tea

2009 Jun 1
Was recently introduced to these by my sister. I have always hated tea, that is until now. These are excellent and slowly making me appreciate and enjoy tea.

So far I have tried:

- Coconut Chai
- Fireside Chai (decaf)
- Brazilian Berry (decaf)
- Lemon Jasmine

I think the Coconut Chai is my favourite but I love them all.

I have many more I'd like to try but at $10/tin of 22, I limit myself to one new tin per week. The only place I've found them so far is Market Organics on York but if anyone has seen them elsewhere I'd be grateful to know. I might also order them online:

Other than being delicious, these are organic and fair trade.

Thumbs up for me!


2009 Jun 1
As far as I know, only place to sell Zhena's Gypsy Teas. $10/tin a tad expensive but they have a decent variety of flavours.