Primarily (only?) a breakfast place. Open at 7am weekdays, 9am weekends, closes 2pm every day.

Baker Street Cafe
Baker Street Cafe
Baker Street Cafe
Baker Street Cafe
Baker Street Cafe
Baker Street Cafe
Baker Street Cafe
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Baker Street Cafe
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2009 Nov 17
I had the day off and came here on a rainy weekday. Dined alone and brought a newspaper.

The staff gave me a warm greeting & let me sit whereever I wanted. I kinda felt guilty taking a whole booth, but they offered it to me first! So I had to no quams.

Love how the coffee is in a craft so you can pour as much or as little as you like, when you want it.

Ordered the poppyseed french toast (recommended to me by other Ottawa foodies) with hashbrowns and a side of scrambled eggs. French toast came with lots of fruit and icing sugar if I remember. Very tasty, and heavy thick bread - the way a real french toast breakfast should be.

I've been meaning to come back here when I need a breakfast place.

2009 Sep 20
My partner and I went to Baker Street Cafe for the first time last week with a mixed bag of results. We had to wait about 30-45 minutes before being seated, holding up the line even though there were available tables for bigger groups behind us. Once seated the coffee came quickly (thank gawd) and in a whole carafe which was perfect as you don't have to sit around waiting for refills. The down side was the coffee was less then stellar.

I ordered the Eggs Florentine and my SO ordered the French Toast big breakfast. Mine was a perfect size for brunch, while hers was more than enough for the two of us! Four slices of whole wheat toast, four slices of French Toast, fruit (good and juicy, 'tis the season!), hash browns, and bacon... which were the driest, stone-cold pieces of cardboard I've ever choked down. My order was much nicer with a rich and flavorful hollandaise sauce (slightly lumpy) and perfectly poached eggs. I enjoyed the potatoes, but was underwhelmed by my partners French Toast which was dry and barely dredged in egg. The most disappointing feature of the whole breakfast though was the fact that we both came to the conclusion that the syrup was of the table variety and not distilled from an unsuspecting maple tree in the Ottawa Valley.

All in all, standard fare for relatively high prices and snail-paced service. The food is mostly good, but I don't really think its worth it when there are so many other gems for Brunch in the Capital.

2008 Dec 22
Sunday was the great snow-blowing storm, and my partner has been working sixty hours of manual labour per week, so we decided that we both (more him than I) deserved a break, and could afford a breakfast out.

Needless to say, the weather was downright nasty, so we ended up walking over to Baker Street Cafe. Other people had this same idea, clearly, as the place was packed, but I was really impressed with how the servers/bussers were dealing with the crowd-we were seated and given coffee quickly, and those who came in after us were greeted, if not seated, immediately.

We both orders the two egg breakfast with pancakes. He had scrambled with bacon, which he said was quite good. I had over easy--which were PERFECT (rarely happens)-- and sausage. Word to the wise: Their sausage is amazing, but by no means is it a standard breakfast's more of a Farmer's sausage, big, thick, and no skimping on the fat. Personally, it's my favourite part of the breakfast, but my SO wasn't so keen on it. The pancakes are good, but not great (they taste a bit like they're from a mix, but they're still alright), and I could have probably done without the very tart out of season fruits (blueberries and strawberries namely). However, they provide you more than ample bread (white, whole wheat, or rye), and my SO was pretty certain that his two eggs scrambled were either three, or they came from one large hen.

All in all, we were very pleased. My one comment would be that $2.50 for coffee seems like a lot, but when you realize that they give you the whole carafe, it doesn't seem bad for two reasons: First, it means that you are encouraged to drink more coffee (I had three cups, whereas at other places I usually only get in one and a half, because I'm waiting for the server). Second, because they give you the carafe, it means that the servers can focus on other things (seating, clearing, food), rather than refills, which I think is wonderful.

2008 Dec 6
I ate here and ordered the BBQ bacon special (includes: 2 eggs, hash browns, fresh fruit, 3 *thick* slices of bacon glazed with BBQ sauce and grilled veggies and a biscuit), my SO ordered standard breakfast with french toast. Coffee was served in a carafe, which was a nice touch, reminds me of brunch in the US. My breakfast was really, really well done. No complaints with anything. The bacon was delicious, very thick, and had a good BBQ sauce on it. Eggs were cooked perfectly. The biscuit was excellent, had a nice crumb. Hash browns were perfectly crisp. Fresh fruit was a nice addition. Prices were higher than a standard greasy spoon place, which this place is not, so the prices were justified in terms of quantity and quality (I only ate one meal today, it was a huge brunch plate!). I'd definitely go back!

2008 Apr 30
We had breakfast here a few weeks ago and were lucky enough to get a table right away.
Our server was very nice but a bit scatterbrained. She had to re-confirm our order a couple of times and then got part of it wrong anyways. She also did not seem to be able to hear us properly and kept saying 'pardon' when we ordered even though she was standing right next to us. Maybe she was out at the bars the night before and danced too close to the speakers :)

I ordered the breakfast BLT and got salad as a side. The menu says that the BLT is served on egg bread but when I ordered it our server asked me what kind of bread I wanted. I said "Egg Bread". She seemed confused and asked me to repeat it. I repeated it and she wrote it down. When I got my BLT it was on whole wheat. Oh well.....
It was very good and the salad was large, fresh and tasty with a nice light dressing.
Mr. KSW got the breakfast wrap also with salad. I tasted his wrap and it was really good. I think I will get that next time.
Both of these items are actually listed under sandwiches I think and not under the breakfast portion.
We also had the $1 cappuccino's (very good) and split a chocolate milk shake (delish!).
We were sooooo full after. I have no clue how anyone would eat a meal and drink a whole shake on their own because they give you the glass and the whole metal shake container full to the top!
Price was reasonable and service was quick.

2008 Apr 26
I ate here with BF and a friend last weekend (on Sunday). While the food is very good, the wait was very long - not just for a seat, but also waiting for our food.

The breakfast IS very good. I had the eggs benedict that came with their hashrbrowns and fresh fruit. BF had 2 eggs, sausage, hashbrowns fruit and a side of poppyseed french toast (yes, he is a pig) and our friend had the standard two-eggs-and-sausage breakfast.

Everything was good and the hashbrowns weren't greasy. The poppyseed french toast stood out as the best thing that any of us had ordered.

I did not like the coffee, though. Plus, we had a cinnamon roll to go (maybe this was our mistake - not eating it fresh) and it was very underwhelming.

Overall, I'd only go back if I was in the neighbourhood and not starving (we were all cranky when we sat down).

2007 Oct 30
My husband's cinnamon raisin French toast. Served with a huge pile of fruit and a large sausage. He said all of it was tasty, although he was surprised to get a large sausage instead of breakfast links.

2007 Oct 30
My husband and I went here last week. We really enjoyed the food and the service was pleasant enough. However, a few issues:

- The place still looks and feels like a pub (the space used to BE a pub). If I want to eat breakfast at a pub, I'll go to a pub. They need better lighting and some redecorating, in my opinion, to give it a more comfortable feel. My husband put it this way: "It feels like eating breakfast at the Dom".
- We got a coffee refill early on and then nothing. I saw the server offering other tables refills frequently, but we seemed to be forgotten.
- Floors were kind of dirty. We discovered bits of fries and other food under the table.
- Portion sizes are way too big, enough food for two people easily. I understand people generally want value for their money, but this was a little silly. We'd prefer to spend a bit less to get a bit less on the plate.

However, the food was very good! So if atmosphere isn't really a big deal to you, Baker Street is worth checking out. Or maybe order your food to go (I believe they can do this).

Pictured: My eggs florentine. Delicious and served with a nice heaping pile of potatoes. Poached eggs done nicely (a bit runny but not under or overcooked).

2007 Sep 22
My friend and I ate at the Baker Street Café for the first time today, and needless to say, it won't be the last. We were both pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and the service.

I'll start with the service: the servers were very friendly and attentive, and even though the café was packed, we were never ignored. Teapots were refilled quickly and extra napkins were given to us because, as the server said, "these have a tendency to leak and make a mess -- and there's nothing worse than not having the napkins to clean it up." Good foresight on her part, as both my friend and I promptly spilled our tea as we poured it. As a jam lover, I was also very pleased when my request for jam packets was fulfilled immediately. (I tend to find that at many breakfast places, it takes the servers forever to bring me my beloved jam!)

The food was amongst the best breakfast food I have eaten in the city. We both ordered the standard breakie, she with bacon and I with sausage, but no eggs for me. The bacon was crispy and brown, and I was (pleasantly) surprised that the sausage was of the banger variety as opposed to breakfast links. While my friend raved about the homefries, I raved about the bread. The brown toast was to-die-for -- Rideau Bakery bread thickly cut and perfectly toasted. As mentioned by Fresh Foodie, the fruit is a nice touch, although today it was a little overripe.

The only drawback to the Baker Street Café is that there is an extra charge of $1.75 for coffee and tea on top of the price of breakfast. Not a big deal, and nothing that will keep me from coming back.

2007 Aug 6
We came here with the kids on Sunday morning after camping in our backyard. We managed to get the last table and had to wait about 40 minutes for our food to arrive. Other customers were served faster so this seemed a little inconsistent. They were kind enough to give the kids crayons and paper to help pass the time.

The menu offers pretty much any breakfast food you could hope for. Actual quality was highly variable (see review of food items below). Service was friendly enough in a diner sort of way.

They offer the option of having fresh-squeezed orange juice, which is a nice touch for this sort of place.

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2007 Sep 2
Was so excited today as my financee and I were taking my daughter to a restaurant we both loved and talked about so much-Baker Street Cafe. Well, I guess I should`t have as things did not go so well and basically I was made to feel like the bad guy for complaining. The first disappointment was that there were no more cinninamon buns, oh well we could live with that as I did not need the calories anyway. We waited and waited and noticed that others that came in after us were now served. When I called the server over, she hastly told me that ours was in the cue and would be up soon. I would also like to add that while I was waiting , our server was over folding napkins for a very long time. As you can imagine, when the food did come it was yes, at no surprise dirt cold. As I assumed that this would happen, I checked my food before she left my table and asked her to take not only mine but all three of our`s back. With an attitude she did so and brought back what was probably the same plates with hot potatoes and not nuch more hot. We sucked it up and ate the food expecting the server to appologise. Ooops, wrong idea on our behalf. All we received was mor attitude, plates rushed away and a very cold treatment. Well, you imagine the rest of the story. I paid, no tip and proceeded to tell the server that her customer skills were lacking. She then proceeded to tell me that it was not their fault and the food was OK. Her father was the cook and owner and did all they could. I told her that other places would have taken something off the bill as a gesture of good will and welcome me back. Aparently they did not have a microwave to heat up the food, so they must have tried other magical things.We have so enjoyed our other times at this restaurant,but it certainlt has left a bad taste in our mouth.

2007 Aug 6
A very standard "big breakfast" here. The eggs were nicely done. Toast was fine. Bacon was so-so. Potatoes were not good at all -- overdone, dry, and without flavour (ketchup is mandatory). They were also kind enough to give me the over-fried crumbs of potato from the bottom of the fryer basket (bleh). Jam packets were served in a separate bowl rather than thrown on top of the food like some other places do.

Pancakes were excellent. Fluffy and tasty -- possibly from a mix but good in spite (because?) of it.

A nice assortment of fresh fruit is an admirable part of this meal. Not the ripest most flavourful fruit I've ever had but they still deserve credit for bothering.

Coffee is not included and costs an extra $1.75, making the total charge about $10. This is a huge meal and could very well be the only thing you need to eat all day. They do have less gluttonous options on the menu!



2007 Aug 6
These are probably the thing to get here. We got one for the kids and nibbled a bit ourselves. Cinnamon rolls are always good, but these strike the perfect balance of sweetness, moistness, chewiness, crustiness, and cinnamoniness (yeah, I made that last word up).