Primarily (only?) a breakfast place. Open at 7am weekdays, 9am weekends, closes 2pm every day.

Baker Street Cafe
Baker Street Cafe
Baker Street Cafe
Baker Street Cafe
Baker Street Cafe
Baker Street Cafe
Baker Street Cafe
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Baker Street Cafe
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2012 Jan 1
Have read a lot about this place on Richmond Road in Westboro but never visited until right before Christmas - have now been there twice! Fabulous place for breakfast/brunch. Menu is quite substantial and has lots of options ranging from muffins, cinnamon buns to full cooked breakfast (eggs, pancakes, french toast, etc).

The first visit I had to try the famous (very large) cinnamon bun which came toasted along with a sizeable fresh fruit salad - it was difficult to finish everything on the plate. The second time I had the more traditional breakfast with eggs, hash browns, toast and the most perfectly cooked bacon ever. This plate also came with the very fresh fruit salad.

From the outside this place looks like it might be a dingy, greasy spoon but don’t be fooled – once inside you will find yourself in a hip and happening establishment!

Be prepared to wait – this place is understandably popular – however the line seems to move fairly quickly.

2010 Nov 15
I agree with lady who brunches - the prices here have gone WAY up! And they were already on the high end of the spectrum to begin with. The food is good - but not THAT good. I don't think I'll convince the FH to go back...

2010 Nov 14
My experience here has always been a bit ho hum. The food is good, but the prices have increased lately with the renovations and the lastest venture has me not wanting to return.

One of friends cut his mouth open on a piece of their bacon. There was blood, so it wasn't a minor deal, but it wasn't as though there was a razor blade or something stuck in it. Possibly that the meat was too tough or too well cooked? I'm not sure. Either way, it was bad enough that he stopped eating.

In fact, he only ate about half of it because his mouth was raw and sore. It was mentioned to the server, who responded "I don't know what I can do about that" and walked away.

She then brought the bill and said nothing. There was no apology, no discount, nothing. My friend didn't ask to talk to the manager because he's not inclined to do that and because there didn't seem to be anyone around... but in my mind, he shouldn't have had to.

2010 Aug 29
We decided to check out this little breakfast place last Saturday morning. I had been there before and all I could remember about it was the dark walls and the large portions.

This time I was happy to find the large portions still being served and the entire dining room had been renovated. I think it looks great. I loved the enormous logo on the wall and how less 'stuffy' the room felt now that it had been opened up a bit.

There's not much to say about this little diner other than the fact that we had no complaints about the food, service or atmosphere. The food was better than most breakfast joints and no one can complain about how much 'bang you get your buck'. I was pretty impressed with the size of their menu. You definitely can get a good variety there.

The service was punctual but nothing too friendly. I don't know how to describe the atmosphere other than that I loved the Stones' posters, the Led Zeppelin album playing in the background and black & white checkered table cloths on every table.

I'd probably go back next time I'm in the neighborhood for breakfast!

2010 Jul 27
Wow! The place looks wonderful after the new renovations and they can hold more people.

Come here for consistently good food and for a lazy weekend brunch. It's not for those who are in a rush and they are unapologetic for the speed of service (or lack thereof).

The fruit salad is still ho hum, but the eggs are perfect, whole wheat bread made in house, amazing hash browns and quite possibly the best damn breakfast sausage in the city.

They've upped their prices and a 2 egg breakfast will set you back $8.95 now. It seems a bit steep, especially compared with a place like Stonefaced Dolly's, who are in the same market. The coffee runs you $2.75, but for a carafe, so there's not much you can complain about here.

2010 Jul 4
Add me to the list of people that has had consistently positive food experiences at Baker Street Café. On Saturday we were there for breakfast at the invitation of good friends. It is located in the old Annie's Irish pub at 385 Richmond Road, across from Mountain Equipment Co-op. They have been part of the Westboro scene now for about 3 years and the steady stream of customers would suggest they have found their sweet spot.

Although I have had slow service at times in the past when the place was super packed, this was not an issue yesterday.

The food was well prepared, well presented and very fresh. Although it is more expensive than your all night diner experience, I do think you get more in so many ways. That value proposition is for you to decide. When everything is a plus for me on service, quality of food, pleasant setting, attention to detail, I tend not to quibble over a few coins on pricing. (Although yesterday, we were treated!!) The restaurant business is a hard industry to be in as an owner, as kitchen staff, as wait staff, and I want to wish those putting their all into it the best of success.

If you want to read more about the details of our eats, you can read my blog entry at:

2010 Jun 7
And the bf's very pretty eggs florentine.

2010 Jun 7
Here's my breakfast. I ordered it with bacon & a side of the sausage because I had read about this giant farmer's sausage and wanted to try it. I'm sad to say it wasn't to my taste. Too peppery. I could definitely appreciate that it was some quality sausage though! I'll just stick with bacon in the future.

2010 Jun 7
It's changed a lot since Candice's review in 2007, that's for sure! This place is super close to my bf's apartment and he's been singing its praises for ages, so we tried it out on Saturday morning. Can I just say you MUST order the cinnamon bun (pictured) toasted with butter - these things are huge and artery-cloggingly-delicious!

I love that they bring the carafe of coffee to your table. I found the prices a little high but the quality & portion sizes are there. I couldn't finish my two-egg breakfast although the bf had no trouble with his eggs florentine.

The owner is super friendly and we found service was quick & friendly as well. I'll go back for sure, and not just because of the convenience factor :)

2010 May 11
We made our way down to Baker Street on Sunday as part of our quest to find a decent brunch in Westboro.
Seated pretty quickly, considering it was 12pm on Mother's Day AND a Sunday. My partner and I really appreciate that they left the carafe of coffee at the table - frees up time for servers and allows you to send yourself into a caffeine induced frenzy at will. Yay!
I had the eggs benedict (of course) with cheese instead of ham. The hollandaise sauce was just a little bit lumpy but the flavour was good. I really enjoyed the skin-on potatoes, but found them to be a little on the cold side. I would rate my breakfast a 7/10. Pretty good, but didn't blow my mind.
My partner unfortunately did not enjoy his cookhouse fry (I think it was called), which consisted of two fried eggs over peppers, onions and TONS of tomatoes. We both agreed that the copious addition of tomatoes was kind of gross - it made the dish really wet and soggy and nothing like the 'fry' we had envisioned. At 15.95 we would certainly never order this dish again.
Both breakfasts came with a nice fruit salad on the side which was super delicious. Highlight of the meal, probably.
With tip, our breakfast came to over 45 dollars, which I think is a little on the steep side, all considered. However, I would tentatively go back to Baker Street, and try something out of my comfort zone for breakfast like the cinnamon raisin french toast I saw on the menu.

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2007 Sep 2
Was so excited today as my financee and I were taking my daughter to a restaurant we both loved and talked about so much-Baker Street Cafe. Well, I guess I should`t have as things did not go so well and basically I was made to feel like the bad guy for complaining. The first disappointment was that there were no more cinninamon buns, oh well we could live with that as I did not need the calories anyway. We waited and waited and noticed that others that came in after us were now served. When I called the server over, she hastly told me that ours was in the cue and would be up soon. I would also like to add that while I was waiting , our server was over folding napkins for a very long time. As you can imagine, when the food did come it was yes, at no surprise dirt cold. As I assumed that this would happen, I checked my food before she left my table and asked her to take not only mine but all three of our`s back. With an attitude she did so and brought back what was probably the same plates with hot potatoes and not nuch more hot. We sucked it up and ate the food expecting the server to appologise. Ooops, wrong idea on our behalf. All we received was mor attitude, plates rushed away and a very cold treatment. Well, you imagine the rest of the story. I paid, no tip and proceeded to tell the server that her customer skills were lacking. She then proceeded to tell me that it was not their fault and the food was OK. Her father was the cook and owner and did all they could. I told her that other places would have taken something off the bill as a gesture of good will and welcome me back. Aparently they did not have a microwave to heat up the food, so they must have tried other magical things.We have so enjoyed our other times at this restaurant,but it certainlt has left a bad taste in our mouth.

2007 Aug 6
A very standard "big breakfast" here. The eggs were nicely done. Toast was fine. Bacon was so-so. Potatoes were not good at all -- overdone, dry, and without flavour (ketchup is mandatory). They were also kind enough to give me the over-fried crumbs of potato from the bottom of the fryer basket (bleh). Jam packets were served in a separate bowl rather than thrown on top of the food like some other places do.

Pancakes were excellent. Fluffy and tasty -- possibly from a mix but good in spite (because?) of it.

A nice assortment of fresh fruit is an admirable part of this meal. Not the ripest most flavourful fruit I've ever had but they still deserve credit for bothering.

Coffee is not included and costs an extra $1.75, making the total charge about $10. This is a huge meal and could very well be the only thing you need to eat all day. They do have less gluttonous options on the menu!



2007 Aug 6
These are probably the thing to get here. We got one for the kids and nibbled a bit ourselves. Cinnamon rolls are always good, but these strike the perfect balance of sweetness, moistness, chewiness, crustiness, and cinnamoniness (yeah, I made that last word up).