Foods from Sushi Shop

2015 Jul 3
I've now been to the Sparks location twice and I was pleased both times.

Sadly, the previous sushi place I used to go to no longer has the same quality.

Sushi shop has many different varieties and is quite well made!

Sadly, the dessert sushi was not available. I read down below that it takes some time to make it, so seems it is still an issue.

I will return :)

2010 Nov 15
I ordered sushi from the Promenade du Portage location a week and a half ago. I decided to try it again as I had a coupon for one of their new types of sushi.

The sushi was ready relatively quickly given that it was lunchtime. The sushi itself was really sad looking. My free sushi was their new Hako style (cake) and it seemed like the girl had no idea what she was doing. When I got back to the office, the sushi was falling apart. It was pretty much inedible. The other rolls smelled somewhat fishy, too. I ended up throwing out several pieces.

I think I'll stick to Fuji sushi - the service is much more pleasant and their sushi, for the most part, is better than what I got at Sushi Shop.

2010 Aug 6
I eat at Sushi Shop on Sparks St. and at the World Exchange Plaza (Sushi Shop Express) every once in a while, when I'm craving sushi but don't feel like breaking the bank or having a proper, sit-down lunch.
It satiates the craving. You know, that sushi craving, when nothing else will do?
However, Sushi Shop definitely falls into the fast-food category. The ingredients here are of lower quality than my usual haunts'. The color of the fish is a less vibrant and the flavours just aren't there.
I find myself plowing through a meal a lot faster, without taking pause to appreciate every morsel's unique and delectable qualities.
To summarize, sushi snobs, stay far, far away.
But if you're an everyday, regular Joe like me, you can't be too harsh on Sushi Shop, well, because of the price! The price!
About $8-12 will net you a big, rice-heavy meal of rolls with a few nigiri on the side.
I award them bonus points for the adorable, peel-back soya-sauce dunking cups, which I haven't seen before, and their lovely branding (cool logo, shop designs, etc.). I'm also appreciative for the variety of combinations (they even have brown-rice sushi at the Sparks location) and for the very fact that we now have a few take-out sushi places downtown.
From what I can tell, the quality of the food at the Sparks St. location is better than that of World Exchange. I also recommend you call ahead and place an order for pick up, since walk-in pickins' dwindle quickly at lunch time.

2010 Feb 3
Today was the second time I tried to order at Sushi Shop. First time was at sparks street and I wanted the dessert sushi and they told me it would take half an hour to make the rice so I didnt order that day. And, just now, I tried to place an order with the sushi shop at prom du portage so it would be ready by the time I finish work (in about 30 min). But the guy said it will take 50 minutes before the order is ready because the rice "est manquer". Ugh - that is the last time I go there.

2008 May 30
To the lunch crowd: I recommend you check out their website and call ahead with your order around 10:30/11:00. That way, your custom order will be ready when you get there at 12:00.

And btw I highly recommend their new lobster spring maki. Yum!

2008 May 30
Just because everyone else mentioned it I had to give it a try... I had the 12 Pieces(A) set which include 6 Spicy salmon futomakis, 2 California futomakis, 2 Spicy shrimp futomakis and 6 avocado hosomakis.

I like how they have a website so I got to decide what I wanted before I walked there, and there was no line right at noon.

Anyways, I found the quality to be somewhat lacking, although for the price ($7.75) it was beyond excellent. My only real gripe - not enough wasabi! I know that I usually pile on more than I should, but there was barely any at all.

Again, for the price it is worth iT! ... and it is way better than my experiences with similar menu items at sushiGO in the market.

2008 May 30
Ate here for lunch yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at how good the sushi was!

I opted for a pre-prepared tray to save time, but would have loved to order of the menu which had many intriguing options. Next time.

I chose the "smokey" 15-piece mix. It was delicious. Really. This place is going to be great for quick, on-the-run lunches. There's also a small patio and an indoor sitting area if you have time to linger.

I hope to go back soon and try one of the lobster rolls they were advertising.

Oh - one last point - S.S. might want to consider rearranging their store to better accommodate a lunchtime line-up. Anyone trying to enjoy their meal at one of the tables or the counter had a constant snake of people pushing past them, which is not very relaxing.

2008 May 29
After weeks of "planning", my friend and I finally made our way to try SS.

It was quite good. We had to opt to get the pre-made trays since the line was very long and the custom orders were taking at least 15 minutes. The meal was very satisfying -- extremely filling! I got the container of seaweed and frankly, I'm not sure what the mix was. It was a 14 piece meal: 3 types of maki rolls (2 of each) with a salmon nigiri and a sweet shrimp nigiri, plus six cucumber hoso maki.

I still love New Generation Sushi but SS does give Ottawa sushi foodies another option. It can be quick and the selection is broader, plus they are open on weekends.

I will definitely have to go back and make a customized order.

It should be noted that they weren't all that well equipped to handle the lunch rush. The line was slow moving and anyone paying with plastic was out of luck during the time we were there. Still, we enjoyed our first experience.

2008 Apr 4
Nanook there is in fact a Sushi Shop on Sparks. Very convenient for me since I work just down the street! I have only been there once so far and really enjoyed the wakame salad I purchased. The Sushi Shop is really tiny so it is possible to walk right past it without even seeing it. It is actually located right beside the Hoops sports bar. During the weekday lunch hours they have a sandwich board on the sidewalk in front of the shop - I believe it is a white sandwich board with a blue fish on it. Hope that helps...

2008 Apr 4
They were supposed to open one on Sparks as well though I don't know where it is.

I pick up their sushi occasionally at lunch. It's a good price for what you're getting. I find some of the rolls a bit big and tough to eat in one piece. I've never eaten in and would love to do a custom order some time.




2008 Apr 3
Today my lunch consisted of two maki rolls (each 8 pieces - I was stuffed!)

911 - tuna, avocado, green onion, tempura, masago, hot sauce, sesame seeds - $6.50

Probably my favourite roll at Sushi Shop. Perfectly spicy and always tasty.

Deux saumons - salmon, smoked salmon, avocado, green onion, masago, wasabi mayo, sesame seeds - $6.25

Very good. Somewhat spicy, mostly due to green onion. Smoked salmon provides good balance without being overpowering.