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We offer healthy fast casual food alternatives all day long. Organic oatmeal, Montreal-style bagels or Greek-style yoghurt topped the way you like for breakfast. Salads, grilled sandwiches or soups for lunch made to order at the counter from over 70 fresh ingredients or grab a delicious frozen yoghurt topped with real fruit, nuts or other assorted goodies as a great afternoon snack!

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2011 Oct 5
I have to say I was extremely dissapointed with my sandwich at this establishment.

As previously mentionned though, the service was top notch and they really move things along. However, perhaps taking a little longer might ensure one gets a sandwich with something in it?

I ordered a BLAT with no cheese on a wrap. I took my first bite and all I tasted was wrap. I think there were maybe 3 pieces (half) of bacon in total, a tiny bit of avocado, 5 half slices of tomato, with the rest being lettuce and aioli (which was pretty tasteless).

I wonder why they did not fill my wrap with more avocado since I did not request cheese. They filled it with the aioli which was too runny.

I paid $8.46 for a sandwich that didn't even qualify as a snack and am still hungry and have to go and spend some more money to satisfy my hunger.

Sadly, I won't be returning.



2012 Aug 2
Two thumbs up for the Chicken Caesar with Light dressing.
I've had it many times throughout 2011-2012 at the Albert St. location.
Lately I've taken to customizing it: hold the bacon and croutons; add avocado and carrots. Yummy and low-cholesterol ...

By the way, I agree about the Asian (or is it Thai?) salad - I didn't enjoy it either.

2011 Jul 5
I have no idea why I always try “thai flavoured” things at non-thai restaurants because in my experience they are always horrible. These faux-thai dishes are either made with peanut butter or are way to sweet. (Freshii was my last horrible thai-flavoured sandwich-shop offering).

I picked up a 10 dollar, horribly sweet, uninspired thai salad at Green Rebel this afternoon. It was composed of baby spinach, crispy Chinese noodles, red pepper, cilantro, mint, mandarin oranages, tasteless tofu and it was tossed in a sickly sweet lime dressing. This was hard to eat, but since it cost 10 bucks and spinach is good for me, I managed to eat the whole thing.

I’m not going to be critical of the entire establishment; mainly because there was a huge line (so they must be doing something right) and some of the other salads I saw being prepared looked great.

The Thai-salad was also skimpy compared to the other salads I saw being prepared. It seems the tiny sprigs of cilantro and mint counted as two toppings, whereas if I ordered a cobb salad, I would get big helpings of bacon and such...

They do have a signed picture of Gordon Ramsey – that’s pretty cool!

I partially blame myself for ordering thai flavoured stuff, but at the end of the day, it was a horrible salad.

2010 Apr 13
Well I on the other hand had an awesome experience. Went here for lunch yesterday & had the most amazing tuna nicoise salad. Canned tuna, but whatever - the salad was HUGE and all the toppings were super fresh. My companion had the wine & cheese salad, which was greens, onions, strawberries, brie, goat cheese & walnuts. Both salads were awesome.

My only complaint is that they close at five. I live, not work, in the area, so the only time I can go to Green Rebel is if I'm working from home. I'd love if they would just stay open until 6 or 6:30 so I could pick up a salad for dinner sometime!

2010 Feb 1
Went for lunch here today and what a disappointment! They ran out of dressing for the salad I ordered, but still served it to me anyways. When I got back to my office -- I was famished! -- it was so dry and bland, I wound up throwing it out. $9 for lettuce and onions?! If you're gonna do something, do it right.


2011 Apr 12
It may seem simple to make a sandwich...but the truth its hard to get it right. I dont need anything fancy...thats why my favorite is the BLAT (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Tomoato) with a garlic aoili = GENIUS! It might not say much for me...but i sometimes catch myself thinking about it at my desk;) The bread is always fresh and yummy...think it is a multigrain ciabatta (not sure) but it certainly not white bread. And the added touch it comes with a yummy dill pickle!
Trust me...healthy or not...there is something for everyone! You wont be disappointed.


2012 Aug 2
Soups here that I've enjoyed again and again: Squash soup, Harvest Mushroom, Thai Chicken, Santa Fe, Garden Vegetable.
Excellent, mostly healthy (the mushroom soup has a good helping of cream, so remember to get some exercise with that one!).

2011 Apr 12
Have to say the soups here are outstanding. Normally I dont get soup at a fast food sandwich place..cuz they are normally cambells or something plain and cheap like that....but the soups at GR are delicious and filling. My fav is the Thai Chicken but the Loaded Baked Potato is a close second.....I dont think I am the only one to think so....cuz if I dont get there early enough the soups always sell out!!


2009 Sep 27
I work in this office building, and have visited for breakfast, but not lunch. I enjoy their oatmeal and they're an excellent alternative to Starbucks' oatmeal. You get easily 3 times as much and can choose 4 toppings for the same price.
Toppings include fruit, nuts, etc. Service is usually good and they even ask what consistency I would like.