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2013 Aug 7
Had a really excellent experience + meal here last evening. Started with Tai sashimi + Wakame salad then (photo doesn't do it justice) Sakura Spider…soft shelled crab and avocado wrapped with tuna and topped with seaweed salad and tobiko. So very tasty.
Sat on the patio and as the sun sets and lights come on along Preston Street, wowee, it's lovely.
The staff were capital S Superb - timing of dishes, water filling, arranging our many plates expertly and clearing things efficiently.
Definitely going back.

Side note: I am a fan and live close to Kochu on Elgin Street. Looking for a bit of walk as my companion is visiting from the UK,
I went on OF to read reviews and help me choose. Most has been absorbed though reading the site over the years but still: a huge help. And, yes, Kochu is now on Preston Street too (nice!) but they don't yet have a patio and we wanted one.

2011 May 2
I had dinner at Kiko's (again) on Friday. I really like this restaurant ... the ambience especially. The service is good (really good this past Friday) and the food is good (although not spectacular).

We ordered several of the same items as last time but also a few new ones:
- agedashi tofu (tasty, I could have eaten more although as you will see, we ordered plenty)
- bbq sama (it was okay but I've had better elsewhere)
- wakame (seaweed) salad (can't go wrong with this one)
- chicken karage (just as succulent as last time)
- dynamite roll
- salmon skin roll
- futo maki roll
- yasai maki roll
- house special roll

Overall the food was good. In both taste and presentation, the maki rolls were lacking in sum'tin sum'tin but still tasty.

2011 Mar 17
Had dinner at Kiko's last weekend. It was an enjoyable experience.

The service was good although I did have to ask for a water refill.

The food was fairly quick to come although in somewhat of a strange order. We had:
- chicken kara-age (marinated deep-friend chicken accompanied by a green salad): very tasty, they use chicken breast and it was quite moist
- wakame salad (seaweed and cucumbers)
- salmon skin maki roll
- futo maki roll
- dynamite roll

There was ample food (complimentary miso soup as well) for the two of us. It was all tasty and quite reasonably priced.

The only thing I did not enjoy was their virgin caesar drink, but I will know for next time.

2011 Jan 21
Eating here with my bf was a treat - the service was a little slow but that made room for a little privacy for our evening. The atmosphere was stylish yet laidback.

Before going on to the food, I must interject with a disclaimer that I am a sushi junkie, which does make my opinion biased, but I am also quite picky as far as quality goes.

We had a great miso soup to start: tofu and cloud ear bits gave it that little je ne sais quoi.

Next, we shared a sashimi dinner (18 pcs, chefs choice) which included atlantic salmon, pacific salmon, red tuna, white tuna, snapper, real butterfish... the fish was fresh and sweet, the presentation was tasteful classic japanese.

We also had: an alaskan maki roll - crab, salmon, avocado, masago and mayo, each ingredient was in perfect proportion to the others; a spicy salmon roll - a little too spicy for me because it did drown out the delicate salmon somewhat (although I do like spicey foods).

Lastly, we had a Cherry Blossom roll. This was fantastic; a salmon and avocado roll wrapped in Hawaiian red tuna laid out in a circular petal arrangement and servied with seaweed salad and tobiko sitting in the centre. This roll will forevermore haunt my dreams! I have never eaten anything quite like it before.

We shared a deepfried mango icecream for dessert which was delectible, but I won't order again simply because of price and the fact that there are so many more delcious things to eat there.

That having been said, you do pay for the exceptional quality of the food - our bill was close to $80 with tip, in the end. I think it was well worth it though.

I recommend this restaurant for sushi lovers, and to those trying sushi for the first time to get a real taste of what it should be like.

I will be visiting on a regular (but infrequent, because of price) basis.

4.5*/5* (half star for pocketbook pain!)

2010 Dec 19
Kiko fans: rejoice!
Uni's in season right now.
(That's sea urchin roe.)

2010 Dec 17
Had dinner at Kiko last week. It was my first time and I was definitely impressed by the size and decor of the resto.

The service was slow, but okay.

We left it to the server to decide our menu given my new dietary restrictions. We got the seaweed salad (a must), scallop steamed with egg and other ingredients (I would pass on this next time), Cali roll (fine), Mango Tango (good), Crunch and Munch (tasty).

Overall I was pleased with the meal. It hit the spot but nothing spectacular. I would definitely return though.

2010 Sep 23
i had dinner at kiko recently, it was my first time eating in, previously i have just gotten take out.

it was a week night and the restaurant was very quiet. the staff were very friendly. i shared an order of tempura appetizer, it came with a few shrimp, yam and a melon tempura, all of it was great (though i didn't have the shrimp). i found the dipping sauce a bit boring, but still better than average.

for my main i had the vegetable roll combo - 18 pieces, this included avocado rolls, cucumber rolls and yasai maki. the yasai maki were the best. it came with a starter of miso soup or salad, i had the salad and the japanese dressing was delicious.

with a glass of wine and a 20% tip, my portion was $30. more than i normally spend on a week night out, but i was happy with the food, happy with the service and found the restaurant one of the most attractive sushi places i have been in. i would definitely recommend this place if you want to come to preston for a night out.

2010 Sep 23
delicious Kiko
spicy salmon om nom nom
tuna belly yum!

2010 Sep 23
delicious kiko
I would eat here ev'ry day
if I was paid more

2010 Sep 23
delicious kiko
your sushi is so yummy
but slightly pricy



2010 Jan 13
I had dinner at Kiko's on Sat night (Jan 10) and the sushi was very good. But what blew me away was the Seafood Motoyaki. Fabulous! Great mango crepe to round out an excellent meal.