Waffles at Cacao 70
Waffles at Cacao 70
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2006 Sep 25
The combination of berries and vanilla cream cheese makes the result taste a lot like cheesecake. Yum!


2007 Mar 11
Very well known for their thick belgian waffles with whipped cream and fruit on top. Yummy!

2017 Dec 9
I would agree that the interior of the market location is a bit frumpy, especially compared to the slick interior of the Lansdowne location. However, all was fine when we were seated and ordered our food. Service was attentive: water on the table, timely check ins and friendly staff. The food was as good as the Lansdowne location's.

I was starving so ordered the Savoury waffle. It is grilled mushrooms, red onions, ham and 2 fried eggs with cheese, béchamel sauce and maple syrup. It was very good, not perfect. The others in my party had the Cacao waffle and strawberry and Nutella crepe and both were pretty good.

The Hot chocolates were good too. Again, it's not the wow experience but it's pretty good. How can chocolate on everything not be good?

2017 Mar 9
Having eyed this place up for a while, I decided one day to skip lunch and go straight to dessert!

The Illegal Chocolate Waffle ($13.50) was as decadent as it sounded on the menu. A (surprisingly good) hearty waffle, topped with a generous supply of caramelized sugar glazed bananas, all drizzled with melted Belgian chocolate. Also on the plate were dishes of (spray can) whipped cream, crunchy chocolate wafer balls, and more melted chocolate.

It was pretty epic. The quality isn't amazing, but it makes for a really special treat in that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sort of way. This is as close as most of us will get to enjoying rivers of chocolate.

The interior of the restaurant was surprisingly grungy on a bright day at lunchtime. It might be nicer at night!