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May 3
Tomato braised beef short rib. Black olive, fennel, caper and peppers served on rigatoni and parmesan.

Was absolutely amazing!

Apr 28
Having had their business wiped out by Covid 19 Chef Jason and Tanya have pivoted and are now doing an upscale takeout / delivery service. They have a weekly menu for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and you sign up for one by 4pm the previous day.

We are signed up for Saturday this week - can't wait! Visit this site for details

2013 Nov 5
Jason from Essence on CTV today talking about entertain for the holidays

2014 Apr 13
I picked up some rubs yesterday at the foodie even in St George's Church on Picadilly. Currently have a bunch of beef ribs and a whole chicken in the smoker, rubbed with the Rib Rub. Can't wait to see how they turn out - the rub smells incredible!