We are a micro-roaster in the Hintonburg neighbourhood, and are located close to the Parkdale Market. As a micro-roaster we can custom roast to your specifications. We aim to offer Organic and Fair Trade coffees at reasonable prices.

Foods from Bytown Beanery

2014 May 16
Yesterday's edition of Metro newspaper reviewed Bytown Beanery owned and operated by our very own zymurgist and refashionista. For those who missed it here is the article: metronews.ca

2011 Jul 4
Decided a while ago that I was no longer going to settle for bad coffee... reading some threads on OF helped me decide to take action.

What I decided to do was: purchase an Aeropress, a burr grinder, and fresh roasted coffee.

I bought the Aeropress and the coffee from Bytown Beanery, and a Bodum Bistro grinder from Amazon. Total investment in the two pieces of equipment was ~$130, which should pay for itself in not too long.

The coffee I am currently drinking is: Costa Rica Tarrazu FG Microlot La Candelilla Estate (Ricardo Hernandez), which was roasted for me on the day of purchase.

I am still trying to determine how to make my perfect cup of coffee, but that is part of the fun of it! I am not going to give tasting notes because I am no expert, but it is a delicious cup of coffee. I believe tasting notes are on the beanery's website.

2011 Apr 22
We have 3 new beans which should be on our site within a day.

Peruvian Decaf
Bolivian Microlot Peaberry
Costa Rican Microlot

2011 Mar 5
Not sure how to make this linkage from vendor to vendor so I guess we do it this way.

We have a limited selection of beans available off the shelf at the Extraordinary Baby Shoppe, in Hintonburg. And to answer the obvious question of what is the connection between a baby shop and coffee : my wife works there and her boss offered us shelf space to help get us off the ground, so we could not refuse.

And a further connection - one of the beans we sell there is the Santa Domingo Barahona, which is naturally about 30% lower in caffeine than most other beans. A lot of expecting and nursing mothers drink decaf or 50/50, so this is another option for them.

And yet another connection - new parents are often kept up a lot during the night, so they need a good caffeine charge in the morning!



2011 Mar 5
OK, let's try this again :-) Better name, same great coffee. Hopefully no lawsuits :-)

Full disclosure - my wife and I own this business.



2011 Mar 5
One of our goals in starting this company was to make Fair Trade and Organic coffees more affordable, and we're working hard to that end. All of our beans will be either one or the other, but we will strive for both as much as possible. Check our beans page for information.