Breakfast Sandwich at The King Eddy
Breakfast Sandwich at Origin Trade Inc.
Breakfast Sandwich at Ottawa Bagelshop
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Breakfast Sandwich at Starbucks
Breakfast Sandwich at Ottawa Bagelshop
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2015 Jun 6
Here is a more recent picture of the breakfast sandwich. The best deal as far as I can tell: $5.75 and includes a coffee (no refill). A similar meal in the form of a breakfast plate (2eggs, bagels, bacon, potatoes) starts at $9.75! The breakfast bagel sandwich was really good. It came with a side of coleslaw, a slice of pickle and a few chips. Get the sandwich and use the money to buy a toffee walnut doughnut!

2007 Mar 24
A toasted montreal-style bagel of your choice (I always go with whole wheat) with bacon, eggs, lettuce tomato and mayo. Actually that combination is called "The Eggcellent". There are about 20 combos of bagel subs on the menu including things like smoked meat, salmon and more. I just deleted my previous review and am reposting with a photo this time. Check the forums for another yummy shot.

Yum! I have these a couple of times a month and have been for years.

2017 May 20
The veg breakfast sandwich ($4.50) was interesting. A nicely toasted English muffin, egg, thick slab of white cheddar, a couple halves of grape tomato, young salad greens, and pesto. The flavours worked quite well together but I found the aged cheddar and pesto to be a little funky and rich for my breakfast palate.

Definitely worth checking out if the list of ingredients appeals to you.



2007 Feb 12
I tried one of these on the weekend, within 30 minutes of putting down a Sausage McMuffin (don't ask -- dreary carpet-shopping and an accompanying insane need for indulgent junk).

I took two bites and decided it was going to make me sick. The "biscuit" appears to have been soaked in shortening before being toasted. My revulsion may have been due to my fat-saturation after the McMuffin, but if I'm having a little cholesterol-bomb breakfast-sandwich, I think I prefer at least the bun to be normal food.

Looking at the Timmy's site, the sandwich is 34g of fat -- substituting a bagel for the biscuit shaves off 10.5g of fat. That may be the way to go. Of course the pork sausage patty provides around a full gram of sodium, but we can't give up everything, can we?

B.t.w.: a Sausage McMuffin with Egg is 26g fat, 10g saturated v. Timmy's Sausage/Egg thingy at 34g fat, 20g saturated.

I can't believe I've just defended McDonald's nutritionally; but given the choice, I know where I'm going in the future.

2007 Feb 9
Way, way overpriced for what you get. Buy the biscuits and make them at home.

2007 Feb 8
Sorry to disagree but I had a hard time choking mine down. I felt like I was eating pure (cheap) lard. And I didn't enjoy the microwaved egg with it's very flat consistency either. I like junk food just as much as the next guy or gal, but that one I can't do.

2007 Feb 7
I've had quite a few favorite breakfasts at different outlets. But to tell the truth there has been nothing like Tim Hortons Sausage Homestyle Biscuit Breakfast. I have had to limit myself to only two per breakfast. If you haven't tried these, make a point of doing so. You won't be disappointed. They are gggggggreat (sorry tony).

2006 Oct 11
The new breakfast sandwich is quiet amazing. They are delicious and something new that everyone should try. They come with bacon or sauage toasted on a homestyle biscuit.


2011 May 29
The Bacon, Gouda Cheese & Egg Frittata on Artisan Roll is the best fast food breakfast sandwich I've encountered. Faint praise, to be sure, but praise nonetheless! :-)

In contrast, the Sausage, Egg & Cheese on English Muffin was less than spectacular.

And kudos to Starbucks for having photos on their website that actually look like the real product! My photo here is recognizable as the same menu item they show here:

2013 Dec 12
My friend had the Breakfast Club, and she found it quite filling! I tasted the home fries and they were delicious!

2017 Jun 4
They updated their menu to include some new options so I dropped by one morning to try their Scratchy's Morning Glory breakfast sandwich ($4.99).

This is a serious breakfast sandwich! The "bun" is a toasted proper southern style biscuit, the egg is fried, the cheddar is melted, the house made spicy sausage patty is bold, and the garlic mayo is zingy as anything. I like rich food but this was kind of over the top even for me. If the ingredient list makes you drool then it is totally worth checking out!