Mt. Scio Farm Savoury [General]

2018 Dec 24
I use Mt. Scio Farm Savoury for my tourtière. If you are also looking for it, I ordered it on-line from The Pepperoni Guy. He is actually near Carleton Place and he imports products from the Maritimes to Ontario. If you look at his website, you can see that he has listed some stores local to Carleton Place that carry some of his imported products. I don't know if that includes the savoury. Anyway, I didn't have time to make the trip to CP this past week, so ordering it worked out perfectly for my timeline. Different sizes too depending on what you need.

2018 Dec 25
A buddy of mine is back in Newfoundland for the holidays and posted 2 pictures to facebook. He posted the above and said "this is how you buy bulk savory in Ontario". And then posted this picture and said "and this is how you buy bulk savory in Newfoundland"


2018 Dec 25
Where I Newfoundland? I've been three times in four years and have never been able to buy it in other than tiny packages, and I have covered the whole Island. We are going again next year and would love to pick some up in quantity.

2018 Dec 25
Bidgoods is about 15 minutes outside of St John's ...

If anyone has bags that big, they will..

Sobey's carries it here in 3 different sizes...

2018 Dec 26
Terry, thank you. I'll start by looking for it at Sobey's.

2018 Dec 28
Sooo, who's making the CDG?

Feb 8
The Pepperoni Guy also sells this product at Papa Jack Popcorn on 2184 Thurston Dr, Ottawa. They sell the Mt. Scio Farm Savoury in bags or enclosed container.