Tags: Lebanese
Fried bulgur croquettes, often stuffed with spiced lamb or beef.

Where to get Kibbeh


2008 Apr 5
I get one every Saturday after my son's Judo class next door. Today I had the pleasure to have one fresh out of the deep fryer and my-oh-my it was spectacular!

2009 Jul 3
A few times I've been in and seen a GIANT stainless steel bowl with steaming kibbeh cooling on the counter (they cook these upstairs above the store). Very tempted to just pick it up and ask "How much for the whole deal?".
I highly recommend these...and they freeze/revive very well.


2010 Sep 16
These guys have some of the best Kibbeh I've ever tasted. I myself am finding myself today in the grip of a Kibbeh craving.

This place is a family establishment. The owner's daughter will usually pick up the phone. And the Kibbeh are hand-made by the owner's wife. And they are soooo good. I would even go as far as to say best in town.

Delicious beef is wrapped in a delicious crispy on the outside soft on the inside coating.

Always delivered warm. and Halal! :D