Foods from AlFajer Restaurant

2010 Sep 16
This is the place that has it!!! Just when you thought you'd heard it all... Shawarma Pizza. Yea.. that's right, you heard me! I literally ate it and thought to myself... why hadn't this been discovered before???

This place not only has shawarma pizza but also gyro pizza. Their Meat Lovers consist of both with pepperoni!

I tried both shawarma and gyro pizz and I preferred the Shawarma Pizza. It literally tasted like eating a shawarma... simply in pizza form. It's actually pretty amazing :D


2010 Sep 16
These guys have some of the best Kibbeh I've ever tasted. I myself am finding myself today in the grip of a Kibbeh craving.

This place is a family establishment. The owner's daughter will usually pick up the phone. And the Kibbeh are hand-made by the owner's wife. And they are soooo good. I would even go as far as to say best in town.

Delicious beef is wrapped in a delicious crispy on the outside soft on the inside coating.

Always delivered warm. and Halal! :D