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2010 Jul 23 UNREAD
Ed and I will be heading west on a fairly rare trip and will be there Aug 21 through Sept 6.

Ed fondly remembers taking a course with you (years ago can't remember where sorry). You were the reason we went to Mariposa Farms both for meals & together with a bunch of friends for a delicious "Duck On The Menu" class. It is still a favorite of ours but I must admit we haven't been for a while & have not experienced the current chef.

We have 2 weddings to go to one in Van on the 28th, another in Vic on the 5th, a bunch of family to visit and are hoping to have a bunch of food adventures.

We would like to experience more of your food. When/where would you recommend? Are there any chances of hanging out?

We love food, love to cook both together & occasionally with friends. I know that the dollar amount spent doesn't necessarily reflect the quality of food & is more of a reflection of the caring put in.

I am also looking for do not miss food recommendations that you as a chef like.