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Pizza at Center Town Donair & Pizza
Center Town Donair & Pizza
Center Town Donair & Pizza
Center Town Donair & Pizza
Donair at Center Town Donair & Pizza
Donair at Center Town Donair & Pizza
Center Town Donair & Pizza
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2018 Feb 8
We've been ordering from this little place on Bronson for a while, decent takeout pizza & wings (they are small and crispy morsels) but the real highlight is their Halifax Donair!

It's not like a typical donair you get in Ottawa. It features a generous amount of tastily spiced meat in a soft chewy pita with chunks of tomato and onion topped with a drippy amount of that sweet garlic sauce that is so popular out east.

This might be the messiest sandwich you will ever eat but man it is delicious. Price wise the small is $7.49 and the large is $9.49. We usually get the combo of 2 small Halifax Donairs, order of wings, and 2 pops for $21.99 (pictured).

As far as I can read on the older posts on this location it seems they do a good job of an authentic Halifax Donair considering their Ottawa Location, I have yet to eat a donair in Halifax so I can't compare but my tastebuds vote yes!

2013 Jan 26
I was born and raised in Nova Scotia. Donairs have always been my favorite food. There are a few things that constitute a good donair in my humble opinion: the sauce can't be too thin and it can't be too sour, the thinness of the meat slices, and the bread needs to be soft. If you nail all 3 of these things, you've got yourself a fine donair.

This place is no KOD (or Island Greek in Halifax is my favorite). But heck, does it ever hit the spot when you got a hankerin'. Some donair places in Halifax have spicier meat than others, this place definitely is on the spicier side. Besides that, the spices seem to be the same. The sauce is spot on, but whoever said they don't add enough sauce is right. The meat also isn't as thin as I prefer it to be. The bread is also a bit different, at a lot of the donair places in Halifax the pita bread is so soft, the bread here definitely isn't as soft as most of the stuff you'd get back home. I think the sauce and bread issues have to do with the difference in the volume of customers... They're conservative with their sauce because they probably don't make near as much as KOD, for instance, would make. Same with the bread, it has probably been sitting there longer than usual.

Honestly though, these differences don't even really matter because this place DEFINITELY hits the spot when the craving hits.

.... Aaannddd I'm drooling.

2012 Jan 19
Was really hoping that the Donair would be great and was very disappointed. We did get a good deal (from their menu their was a 2/14(?) deal) but it was not worth it. We got a side of fries which were soggy and barely warm. The donairs had too little sauce, almost no onion & tomato and the meat was a little too spicy. This could have been forgivable if the entire thing wasn't covered in bright orange grease! There was a pool of it on the bottom of the container. Not sure if I'd like to try theirs again.

2011 Oct 21
Alright, so. I know very little about donairs. After a couple of bad experiences early on, I have avoided them since--until a few nights ago when I lazily ordered delivery from this fine establishment.
I felt like living dangerously, I guess, so I ordered a few of those "Halifax donairs". All I can say is that I am now TOTALLY hooked. The sauce and the quality of meat was better than I've ever had in a donair.
We had two donairs and a garden salad. It came with two pops. Set us back about $20.
The meat wasn't shiny (oily?) or shaved, they were thicker slices of beef that almost tasted like beef jerky that weren't jerk-ified yet. It was SO GOOD.

Yum yum. Will order again soon!

Edited to add: I did have a plate of dripped sauce. They definitely had enough sauce on them. (See NU 3638 below)

2011 Apr 7
Although New user 3638 has made some points about not enough sauce and the bread not being the same, I am just glad we can finally have our tasy Halifax Donair here in Ottawa! Thank you centertown!!

2011 Mar 12
Ok, i rarely comment on these sites but being from Halifax i HAD TOO.

I ordered "donairs" from this place a few times. They are reasonable, however a number of the reviews on this site are obviously from workers/owners of the establishment. Here is the TRUTH of the matter.

1)Size: A LARGE donair from Centertown is about the same size as a small at KOD or any other Halifax Donair place. A LARGE with extra-meat is about a medium. This is constant and if you order one, you will agree. On average, they are 1/2 the size of what you expect

2)Taste: The meat is somewht dry, but has the typical and appropriate flavor. As mentioned, it is a bit more spicey, but overall, far more dry. I think they sell less so you tend to get the overcooked outside crunchy parts and less of the inner moist aspect.

3) Sauce: This is the second major problem. There is NOT ENOUGH ever. THey are so skimpy on the sauce. If you dont have a plate of dripped sauce, you dont have enough! This drives me nutts, partitcularly given the dry meat. Also, the sauce isn't perfect, close...but to thick and crumbly for some reason.

4_) Price: 25 bucks for 2 large donairs with extra meat. Which is the same as 2 medium donairs in halifax for 10 bucks. INSANE!!!!

5) Pita: TOO HARD. Not steamed like in halifax. They did it in water then gently grill it for a moment to warm/soften the pita. Its often oldish and hard at Centertown.

OVERALL: Reasonable taste, overpriced and very small. Increase your meat and sauce and I assure you, you'll sell way more. If you want a reasonable copy of a Halifax donair for 2-3x the price with less sauce, go here.

2011 Feb 3
New menu feb 2011 part2

2011 Feb 3
New Menu Feb 2011

2010 Feb 11
OK...I am an east coaster and have been away from the east coast for about 15 years now. I have lived all over Canada and have ventured out numerous times to find the ultimate east coast donair that would bring back memories of Halifax. Well, I think I found it. We ordered donairs and garlic fingers (sorry...they're not butter fingers to me...they're GARLIC FINGERS) from Centretown and I thought King of Donairs had delivered them to us right from Halifax. Excellent job Centretown Pizza!!! The sauce was great, the garlic fingers were excellent and the donairs....aaaaaahhhhhh, I think it's going to be another donair night.

2009 Oct 24
I tried a Donair Platter from the Centertown this past week. I was curious to try the product that I have heard so many rave about.

The sandwich was really tasty- Fresh Pita, fresh ingredients and lots of meat. I liked the sweet sauce as well. It is a nice change from the typical garlicky type sauces.

The coleslaw was actually quite good with a sweet/sour vinaigrette dressing.

The fries were a insult to the sandwich. They were frozen fries and they were overdone. Even ketchup did little to improve them.

The service was extremely pleasant and talked with me while I waited for my order.

The restaurant decor is fairly no frills- It kind of reminds me of someone's rec-room, in a comforting sort of way.

The only drawback is that I didn't notice any parking other than on the street.

I'll definately go back for a sandwich. I may check out the pizza too.



2013 Feb 17
I was born and raised in Halifax. Having lived there for 39 of my almost 42 years, I know donairs. The donairs at Centretown Pizza are indeed the real deal. The donairs we had from there today were as good as any we've ever had back home, and even better than a few. The meat is in smaller pieces, and it is spicy/garlicky, but good, and still authentic in taste. The sauce was bang-on and abundant. The tomato and onion were generous and tasted fresh. The bread was prepared the way we're used to, dipped in water prior to warming on the grill for that chewy texture.

We enjoyed them very much, and we'll probably have indigestion later on, the sign of a truly good donair.
The gentleman who owns the place is very friendly, and we had a good chat about back home. He has owned 3 donair spots back east, so he knows his stuff.

If you can't make it back to K.O.D. or Tony's (sadly, Bash Toulany's has closed) and you need a real donair fix, this is the place to get it. We're good now for a while, as donairs for us are a once-in-a-blue-moon craving.


2012 Jan 29
Just licking the last remaining flavor of the Halifax Donair from Centretown that I picked up 30 mins ago. Being from Down East, I used to have donair meat and sauce shipped to me in Montreal, now I just have to drive 1.5 km to Centretown for the same experience. Good thick sliced spiced meat, good onion and tomato ratio but I can only say a bit more sauce is the only thing needed to improve this product.

Job well done. I will definitely go back and bring friends and family the next time.

2009 Jun 2
Now this is delicious donair. I agree with Courtney: the meat is definitely spicier than the "normal" Halifax donair, but it provides a healthy counterpoint to the sweet sauce and the tangy raw onions that are put into it.

The people running it were very friendly: I got my order for takeout and the fellow handed it to me with a smile and said, "See you again soon!"

He was right. But this time you'd better believe I'm going to eat it in the restaurant so we can totally drink beer and stuff ourselves with garlic fingers.

2009 Jun 2
The owners are really friendly, but besides that- they do the best Halifax donair that I know of in Ottawa. Possibly the only one? They have raised the prices (by a dollar I think for the donairs)
Their donair meat has a bit more kick (a slight spiciness, which I like a lot) than most east coast ones.
I have seen both types of pita used down east, depending on the place. Since you can buy the pocket style so fresh around here, I understand why they use it.
It's messy though, really needs a plate or I get sauce all over my clothes... :) A nice treat for anyone who is from the east coast and misses the authentic donair experience.

2009 Feb 23
Donair pricing from their flyer ... for your reference.

2009 Feb 23
The Halifax(or Eastcoast) Donair was made famous by KOD (King of Donairs) See ---> <---.

KOD was featured in "The Trailer Park Boys" a number of times. There's one episode when Julian goes on the 'swish' and ends up eating dicarded pizza crusts and hanging out with a dirty 'ol dog in the back of a KOD.

Anyhoo, the Centertown Resto Bar / Pizza Restaurant Halifax donair does come pretty close to the KOD version.

The meat is really really close. The sauce and amount of onions and tomatoes is bang on. BUT the pita bread is not the same. An eastcoast donair has a pita bread that does not split into two pieces. It's more like a Mr. Pita Greek Style Pita. Also, there could be more garlic for that post Donair Stink.

The picture is not pretty ... but then again a Halifax Donair is never pretty.

I did have some flashbacks when I hoed the thing down.

Now that I've had my fix, it will be a while before I go get another.... unless I get into the Keiths some night while listening to McGinty or SignalHill or Pogey or Great Big Sea.



2009 Jun 2
After a lot of requests from East Coasters living in Ottawa, the owner added this item to the menu. Called Butter fingers on the menu (although I've always known of them as garlic fingers), these things are authentic! It's one of those foods you crave after drinking, they're sorta greasy- but in a good way. (And not as greasy as some I've tried)
My husband is really picky when it comes to getting the sauce right- And it gets his Saint Johner seal of approval.
Before this place, as far as I know, you could not get garlic fingers in Ottawa. (I tried them at Hooley's but they were all wrong. A shame really)
I just thought I'd share the good news for all the other east coast transplants in Ottawa- yum!