Basically, a Vietnamese crepe made from rice flour, coconut milk, turmeric, stuffed with shrimp, chicken, pork & bean sprouts and topped with a salad like garnish of carrots, cucumbers, herbs, peanuts and served with nuoc cham fish sauce for dipping.

Bnh xo at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Bnh xo at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Where to get Bnh xo

2010 Oct 28
@ Cimichimi...(Bahn xeo) Well this sounds like lunch today! Been wanting to try Bahn xeo. Not familiar with Bun Bo Hue, or Bo Kho. Can you describe these for me Chimichimi?


2013 Oct 6
the bnh xo remains as big as ever in Huong's new digs! a must-have app to share when you're here. pro tip: ask for a couple of extra leaves of lettuce.

2011 Nov 27
You guys weren`t kidding. What a dish! It`s now on my short list of best eats in Ottawa...

2011 Jun 22
So Good, and very crispy.
Tastes just like mamas.
Almost... haha :)

2010 Oct 27
The banh xeo at Huong's is big, ultra crispy and delicious! It doesn't seem to have coconut milk in the crepe batter like some that I've had in the past, but that's ok! This iteration is loaded with shrimp & pork, bean sprouts, shallots, then comes with mint, basil, lettuce, fresh bean sprouts, carrots & cucumber to garnish it with and some fish sauce to dip it in. One of my fav meals of all time, now it will be hard to decide between Huong's Bun Bo Hue, Bo Kho, Satay soup or the banh xeo! I love this place!