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2010 Feb 10
haha you bet :) i love anything from spike jonze.

2009 Dec 17
You get back to work! :P

2009 Dec 12
:) i'll definetly try that next time

2009 Dec 6
Thanks for the info on the pierogies, i'll have to try the other place out. i've never been there before.

2009 Oct 6
:) Thanks!

2009 Oct 3
the specials are usually good

2009 Sep 29
Thanks for clarifying Chimichimi. I'll be sure to stay clear of the Souvlaki House.

2009 Sep 29
LOL @ the 50 cent joke re: dumpling shoppe

2009 Sep 25
I totally agree with you about Aroma Meze. It does get pretty expensive. Mind you the best places in Toronto are pretty expensive as well. If you ever go, try Pantheon...I am drooling just thinking about it.

I think I am actually going to Aroma Meze next week. I will have to try the Souvlaki House as you mentioned.

It's just sad, that such an amazing cusine is not appreciated here in Ottawa because of the choices.

Thanks for the comment.

2009 Sep 4
Chimi, haha indeed, wouldn't be surprised if our paths crossed, although i should say some of my visits are lunchtime ones on days when i'm working @ home and can bike & takeaway (e.g., from Mugena). I take it you live not too far away from those places, as well?

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