Calamari at Rayan Poissonnerie & Restaurant
Foods from Rayan Poissonnerie & Restaurant

2018 Jan 6
I'm surprised there is no review of this little gem - very casual Egyptian style seafood restaurant. Instructions: go to fish counter, pick a number, pick your fish, tell them how you want it cooked, do you want rice, spicy rice, fried potatoes, salad with that? OK, tell them! Go sit down and wait while they cook everything for you to order. The place is bustling, busy, loud, full of families. The quality of seafood is very good, there is a high turnover here. Quite affordable depending on your selections. Go follow them on Instagram and check out the photos! I highly recommend it for a casual meal out with a group of friends. Too bad they don't have a more central location, though.

2018 Jan 6
Freshly fried up calamari at Rayan - recommended!