From the website:

Our company wholesales and retails high quality products. Our coffees have three unique characteristics. They are:

* Fair Trade Certified
* Organic and Environmentally Sustainable
* Locally and Freshly Roasted

Note that they don't have a sales outlet on site. Rather, you either mail order products or visit one of the many local suppliers (

Foods from Equator Coffee Roasters

2006 Nov 22
This is the kind of business we need to support. It is local, socially responsible, and sells excellent products at not-outrageous prices.


2011 Apr 20
"Freakin' Good" is our house blend - fresh ground on Saturday mornings - nothing better! The beans are usually fresh at the Independent Grocer in Almonte, and if you go to the actual shop, you can get one of their blends on sale each week.

2006 Nov 22
We purchased a bag of their "Freakin' Good Roast" beans as part of a fund raising activity for our kids' nursery school. And yes, it is "Freakin" good! :-)


2007 Sep 9
Thanks FF I'm looking forward to reading everyone's comments, and giving it a try!

2007 Sep 9
Alley cat, there was an informative forum discussion on the topic of home roasting, mostly thanks to zymurgist:

As an aside, if you know anyone who attends the Bells Corners Cooperative Nursery School, they sell Equator beans/grounds throughout the school year as a fund raising activity.

2007 Sep 8
If you can't make it out to Almonte, Equator does mail-order as well. We make sure to order before Tuesday mornings,as suggested on their web site, and we receive it the same week, usually on the Thursday. We would love to start roasting our own beans, does anyone have recommendations for their favourite brand or type of coffee roaster, and any tips for roasting?

2007 Sep 8
I buy a lot of my beans, both roasted and green, from Equator in Almonte. If you can make the trip out to their store in Almonte, I've noticed the freshness can make a difference compared to what you might get at local grocery stores (some of their packaging in the past has had dates on it). Regardless, it's (IMHO) great coffee, not to mention organic and free-trade. For home-roasters, they appear to sell just about all their varieties green as well.