Foods from Le Tartuffe

2010 Nov 17
My heart goes out the proprietors of this lovely spot - roadwork is underway all around it, and it's nearly impossible to get to. I didn't realize that when I made my reservation, and I'm glad I didn't because it might have deterred me, and I would have missed a wonderful dinner.

I went with my husband and a guest who had specifically requested french cuisine. I hadn't been to Le Tartuffe in years, and decided to give it a try.

In short, we all absolutely loved our appetizers and mains. The menu is quite traditional - rack of lamb, beef tenderloin, etc. although you don't see red deer on every menu. Everything was cooked to perfection precisely as requested. The wine list is very respectable, and there are some quite nice bordeaux to be had for reasonable prices relative to other restaurant wine lists.

We skipped dessert, but did have a small cheese plate while we finished our wine, and left the selection of the cheeses up to our server. I did not partake, but the others enjoyed the choices.

Service was friendly, professional, and unobtrusive.

All in all a lovely evening.

The restaurant business is tough, and can't possibly be made any easier by construction that makes it difficult for people to find you and impossible for the front door to be accessed (you have to enter using the side door for now). Foodies might want to make the effort to navigate there and do their bit to help this fine establishment survive the construction period. I think you'll be glad you did.

2007 Jun 17
agree that this places is one of the hidden gems in Ottawa. I think it is the valued French bistro restaurant in the area...

the only thing is that the acoustics suck.... kills any romance in the air...

2007 Feb 18
I have been eating at this restaurant for a very long time. I have to say that this is one of my favorite restaurants in town. I love the set menu option. I pretty much tried everything on their menu and absolutely would invite everyone to try it out. Also the owner and chef creates regional dishes from France from January to April. One of my personal favorites is a bouillabaisse. Please make a reservation before you go. Enjoy!