Ideas in Food [Events]

2011 Apr 5
Last Monday a once in a lifetime event was held at Atelier - a meal prepared by one of the authors behind Ideas in Food (popular blog, tweets & book and the helping hand of the Atelier crew. Ideas in Food is followed by many chefs worldwide, where they find inspiration, share ideas and form new ones. This night turned out to be one of the most memorable meals I've ever had, playing on existing food memories and creating new ones. It ended up being a 15 course meal, some of these courses rank up there with Michelin starred food I've eaten... it was incredible. What was also incredible was the turnout, 2 sold out seatings, lots of chefs, food bloggers and food lovers were out for an unforgettable evening.

Interesting to note, no Ottawa journalists covered either this event or the food demos being offered at Urban Element... opting rather to cover food "competitions" in Ottawa. I'm serving public notice to them for dropping the ball on this one. The amount of talent, knowledge and experience sitting in the room that night was immense. It goes to show that what you read in the paper or magazine shows only a sliver of Ottawa's culinary world. Ottawa is so much more than phoney food competitions and gala events, and this night proved it.

The bloggers present (foodieprints, she eats bears, sheltered girl meets world, etc) covered the experience, but I see nobody has posted here re: their night at this event, so here you go... a tour into the mind's eye of Ideas in Food... first up, a delivery truck with "specialty gases" is unloading at Atelier... we're in for a wild night...

2011 Apr 5
13 - getting into desserts, first up is the cheese course, sauvagine, birch syrup, black garlic powder and baby basil leaves. I love everything on this plate. It all tasted amazing and I was shocked at how mild the black garlic powder was, almost sweet? The sauvagine cheese was plopped in nitro, frozen & smashed into bits. Was almost chewy in texture, like high cream ice cream.

2011 Apr 7
Thanks AMR - the MEGS truck parked out front was hilariously appropriate, and basically set a tone/expectation for what was to come. I agree with your comment re: the shift in this region.