Lebanese fast food joint, serves shawarma, roasted chicken, fattoush, etc. Has a bakery in house as well to make an assortment of fresh Lebanese pies.

Foods from Sandrella's

2010 Jul 8
I used to frequent this place a lot during my younger high school days because it was convenient, cheap, fast and great food. But over the past few years I find prices have gone up significantly and quality / consistency have gone down significantly.

The cheese pies from the bakery are good but sometimes not very fresh and the edges are crunchy (some like that, I do not). They used to cost $1.50 and they would throw on some garlic sauce for free. You also used to get a shawarma for $4. Now you pay $2.50 for a cheese and $5.00 for shawarma and if you want garlic on the cheese you pay extra. Even the drinks are more expensive. They used to be $1, now $1.50.

Every time I give this place another try I notice fewer and fewer lebanese patrons. You used to go in there and it was like the Beirut Airport but things have changed now. I think they have the same sentiments about this place I do, flat out it isn't as good as it used to be and we are going elsewhere like Mango's for shawarma and Alladin Bakery for Cheese / Meat / Zaatar pies.

2009 Mar 20
The food here is fine but the service is just awful. The last time I was there the guy working behind the counter just started making our order without asking/giving us a chance to say what we wanted on them. When I said that I actually didn't want pickled turnips on mine he rolled his eyes and said "this is the way we make it". He then took the toppings I didn't want off my sandwich and put them back in the serving dish. This was followed by him mocking my boyfriend for wanting garlic sauce on his beef sandwich instead of humus (again not "the way it should be"). The server then literally threw our food at us over the counter. Note: the times when I've gone to the bakery side the people have been perfectly nice, however you still have to deal with the other side in order to pay so I won't be going back to this place again.

2008 May 20
When i used to works nights on the cab from Hull and end up in the St-Laurent area, my favorite stop was Sandrella's on saturday and sunday morning (they opened 24 hours on the week-ends in those days, not sure if they still do).

The pie were fair prices and what a delight. i used to pick up some extra to share with the other cabbies that i hung out with.

I went there during the week recently and and the pies are still fantastic!!!

2008 Apr 26
Stopped by for a quick Lebanese pie since I was in the east end, got one with half cheese half zataar, and another with whatever the Lebanese version of bruschetta is... delicious! Some of Ottawa's best pies!



2008 Apr 26
Good zaatar spice mix is being used here. I find some zaatar is almost gritty, however, Sandrella's has a nice consistency. Get a pie with half cheese and half zaatar, fold it in half, take a bite and get the best of both worlds!