An herb mix with thyme, oregano, marjoram, sumac, salt, sesame seeds... commonly found in Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine as a spread or to mix with soft cheese.
This entry also refers to the Zaatar-covered fresh bread "pies."

Zaatar at Al-Kalaa Mini Market
Where to get Zaatar


2008 Apr 26
Good zaatar spice mix is being used here. I find some zaatar is almost gritty, however, Sandrella's has a nice consistency. Get a pie with half cheese and half zaatar, fold it in half, take a bite and get the best of both worlds!


2008 May 4
Pretty good zaatar here, less roasted-sesame flavour than Sandrella's, but has a twangier-herby-sumac-thyme flavour that I love.


2009 Apr 18
I think they get their Zaatar bread from the Middle East Bakery Middle East Bakery on Somerset St.