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Egg Rolls at Golden Palace
Egg Rolls at Golden Palace
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2013 Jul 31
Golden Palace exists in a strange reality where people are willing to pay gourmet prices for food that is supposed to be cheap. Charging $12-$20 per plate for "bean sprouts and batter" North American Chinese food is just plain cheeky!

Nevertheless, the customers are loyal, probably because they've been coming here since they were born. Nostalgia tastes good.

My usual takeout order to try a new North American Chinese restaurant is: egg rolls, mushroom chow mein, General Tsao's Chicken. In this case, I skipped the chicken because I couldn't stomach the price! :P

The egg rolls are definitely the meatiest in town. Maybe not the tastiest though -- I *think* Welcome Back in Bells Corners is tastier, but I'll have to do a side-by-side. There was enough meat in two egg rolls that I didn't miss my chicken dish at all. Big thumbs up on the egg rolls. But you already knew that.

The chow mein was a bit of a letdown. $11.75 got me a relatively small (about 2 cups) portion of bean sprouts with mushrooms and noodles. The flavour levels were well below average. Total rip off and it made me glad I didn't drop $15.75 on the General Tao Chicken.

This experience was in line with the last time I was here with my wife, probably a decade ago.

Go for the egg rolls. If you love meat.

2013 Jul 26
Finally tried Golden Palace. I have always been intrigued all those years, driving by, on my way to somewhere else. Overall, it was a good meal. We shared dinner #6 for 3: won ton soup, egg rolls, Golden Palace chow mein, pineapple chicken, Hong Kong shrimps, beef broccoli and beef fried rice.

The won tons were ok. The meat was a bit hard. I prefer my won ton meat a bit fluffier.

The egg rolls were good but not the best egg rolls I have ever had.

The Golden Palace chow mein was not similar to Cantonese which I thought it might have been but the It was mostly bean sprouts, chicken and small pieces of shrimp and noodle sticks mixed in.

Beef broccoli was good.

HK shrimp were big shrimps stir fried in a sweet sauce. Shrimps were fresh and with a nice texture. Good.

Pineapple chicken was average.

Beef fried rice was well made.

A decent North American Chinese joint! The décor seems to be purposefully 1980s and tacky. I think it is on purpose...? In any case, a decent family exit!

2012 Jul 3
We bring back at least 20 doz. egg rolls from the GP several times a year as the list of people from St. Catharines continues to grow. Everyone who tries them, loves them. Yummy!

2012 Feb 1
i Live in Burlington but go by Golden Palace about 3 times a year. Minumum order i get is 30-50 to take home with me. They are the best of the best when it comes to their egg rolls. If i have time i sit an have a nice meal their but must times im on my way by home.

2011 Apr 26
Over rated, over priced and not very fresh.
Hate to be so critical...
I don't understand the hype of the egg rolls.
My guest and I ordered egg rolls to start and a won ton soup.
Main dishes of cantonese chow mein and chicken soo guy.

I will not return and didn't like the food at all.
I order from Li-Ho in Hull and this place doesn't compare.

The service was quite rushed and 55$ mediocre bland food for two people ( ordered a rum and coke) - way too much msg I felt so gassy and bloated after.

We placed the order then within 2 minutes the egg rolls were brought to the table and appeared they had been microwaved. Were more soggy then crispy, nothing special about them. The soup arrived 2 minutes later. I didn't finish the room temperature won ton soup - the pork didn't taste very fresh and I've never been served won ton soup with mushrooms. It just wasn't good. No green onions in won top soup?

Five minutes later the main food arrives - I have never had cantonese chow mein on a bed of soggy thick rice noodles before- I was expecting the thin yellow rice noodles, crispy on the top of the dish and soft at the bottom(?).. from all the chinese places I have eaten at and ordered from. There was no pork in the dish. The shrimp was little bits and pieces ( not whole shrimp) with no vegtables but broccoli and bok choy. It was really weird I didn't eat much of it.

The soo guy was mediocre at best. Nothing special.. The broccoli wasn't very fresh and the meat wasn't very good quality.

Repeat? No way.

2011 Feb 12
Count me among those who love the eggrolls here. Also the bbq chicken livers are one of my favorites. But the one thing we order every time is the Golden Palace style soo guy. It is a boneless chicken breast breaded, fried and then cut into strips. Not much different from other soo guy in that respect, but there is a kind of paste applied to the top of the breast that is very yummy. I am not a good enough food detective to know what's ground up to make that paste, but I can definitely taste peanuts quite strongly. Service, as usual, was all about getting us in and out quickly to keep the lineups to a minimum. Others have said GP is dirty. I find they are impeccably clean, just very dated and worn. Definitely not fine dining, and probably not authentic, but a tasty followup to "Nixon in China" on a cold winter afternoon.

2010 Jan 1

That article intrigued me but I trust the foodies more than the Citizen so I think I'll pass.

2009 Apr 4
We (My SO, his family and I) order Chinese food for birthdays and on Christmas eve--it's the birthday person's choice, but usually that means Chinese. We used to order from Golden Palace on a regular basis, however I always seemed to be sick that night or the next day, but only I.

We've come to the conclusion that the MSG in their food is higher than in some other Chinese foods, as least that's what we suppose. Either way, when we did eat it, I found it to be average, not much more than that.

2009 Apr 4
Top ten reasons I will never dine at Golden Palace again:

1) Crappy food.

2) Rude service.

3) Long wait.

4) Bad location.

5) Ridiculously high prices.

6) Dirty atmosphere (place looked as though it hadn't been cleaned in decades).

7) Lots of 'tude.

8) No delivery.

9) Skimpy portions.

10) Sick the next day.

Why would ANYONE in their right mind ever eat here a second time?

I'd also heard all the hype about this place, and especially their eggrolls. All I am left asking is, what are you guys smoking?

Everything tasted like it was from a discount mall food court, except not quite as good, but at twenty times the price. Yes, even the famous eggrolls aren't that great. Terribly greasy and stuffed full of cut-rate ingredients.

I just don't get it. Still shaking my head at all the people who seem to think this is an amazing dining experience. Only amazing thing is how much it sucked.

2009 Jan 12
Very traditional but I have to say I love their lemon chicken. It isn't breaded and is slathered in a great lemon sauce. The garlic chicken balls are also HUGE, and pretty tasty. Restaurant is relatively expensive for traditional Chinese food.

Egg Rolls -3



2013 May 6
I stopped by the Golden Palace yesterday afternoon after a coffee date in the neighbourhood. I decided to pick up some of their world famous egg rolls I have been hearing about. They are definitely HUGE and stuffed with lots of pork and cabbage - definitely good value for my money. I'm not sure if I would call them "the best" in Ottawa but they were certainly tasty. I might even try some of their other menu items on my next visit.

2010 Jan 10
I love Golden Palace Egg Rolls. I would order them as my last meal before I died. When I'm not living in Ottawa they are one of the few things I crave. The rest of the food is mediocre, but the Egg Rolls are fantastic.

I would marry one of the 70 year old Egg Roll ladies that the Citizen article mentioned just to learn the recipe.

2010 Jan 10
egg rolls @ GP. heavy on the meaty pork taste, soft on the inside, open-ended and fried in lard resulting in a dryer outer wrap and dark burnt and crispy ends -- also contributing to overall flavor and mouthfeel.

2010 Jan 10
egg rolls @ GP. keeping in mind the schitizen article, not sure if on my last minute on earth that i'd request an order of these nugs but they were pretty good, not enough to make me jump up and down with joy or on slo-mo matrix style. i can taste that these babies were heavy on the pork side with cabbage, 5-spice, MSG loaded, some sugar and fried in lard, owing to the dryer outer egg wrap. what i found too mild and dilute was the plum-pumkin accompanying dipping sauce. i like to dunk my nugs in a zestier sauce... but WAITNAMINUTE! you're also given a smaller dipper of yellow wasabi! now that l'il sweet sucker rocked my world -- bring it on!

2009 Apr 5
Could not agree with you more. If you want a great egg roll try Ruby at the corner of Walkley and Bank beside the Shoppers. They have the best and probably the biggest. Haven't been there in a while it's only take out but it used to be great hope it6 still is.

2009 Apr 4
Totally overrated and overpriced. Don't believe the hype, and don't get sucked in. You'd honestly get better egg rolls from your local mall's food court--and at a fraction of the price. People must be on some sort of weird nostalgia trip down memory lane, or someething.

2009 Mar 31
absolutely the best - not just in this city, but i hazard to say most north american cities. stuffed full with fresh pork and cabbage, open-ended, crispy outside, not too oily. amazing home-made plum sauce with big chunks of plum (how often have you had homemade plum sauce?!)
when i was traveling with a touring show 20 years ago and my folks were coming to visit me, they'd stop at GP on their way out of town with cooler and fill it with egg rolls for me ...and very select friends. love them!

2006 Oct 5
The best in the city; unlike any other