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Egg Rolls at Golden Palace
Egg Rolls at Golden Palace
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2007 Jul 7
Sorry, I was a bit wrong on my tally, there. Dinner for two was about $38, compared with an average of $20-25 at other Ottawa restaurants. I can't remember the exact amount of the egg rolls, but they were also well over the comparable local price. Including tax, etc..., I think the final total was closer to about sixty.

Which would have been FINE, were I getting great food and great service. But I received neither.

As a comparison, I ordered from Cathay the other night. Dinner for Two (including SIX dishes, not three, four or five--plus almond cookies--was $23.95. Extra egg rolls were a dozen for $10.50). Service was excellent, delivery was quick, food was delicious. Prices were great. My only complaint is that the portions were a wee bit small, but that seems to be the case at all Ottawa Chinese restaurants these days.

Compared to the Golden Palace, Cathay gets a nine out of ten in my books. Then again, the GP was so unbelievably disappointing and subpar, I guess that's not saying much.

AGAIN, LOTS OF HYPE AT GOLDEN PALACE. NOT MUCH ELSE. Unless you really love those egg rolls, which frankly, I didn't.

2007 Jul 6
GP definitely has higher prices for the quality of food. I would rather get my greasy Canadian-Chinese fix from Ho-Ho on Richmond Rd. I do have to say though, there's a soft spot in my heart (and maybe a hard spot or two in my arteries) for their eggrolls. Mmmm...

2007 Jul 6
I've never eaten here, but between $50-60 for 4 dishes plus one dozen egg rolls doesn't seem that outrageous to me, it seems only slightly higher at best, or even about average.

1 dish usually averages $8-10 at most Chinese places I frequent X 4 dishes = $32-40

Egg rolls are usually about $2-3 for 2, so 12 = $12-18

Total = $44-58 not including tax. Sounds about average to me.

2007 Jul 6
I had heard over and over that this was by far, bar none, THE best Chinese food in Ottawa.

I can't tell you how disappointed I was when I finally tried it last month, with a take-out. The place was busy as heck, so clearly it is indeed very popular. However, the service was still unreasonably slow and not exactly friendly. It was pretty much reminiscent of Seinfeld's Soup Nazi, i.e., "What do you want? Place your order! Give me your money! Move along! Next!' conveyor belt sort of service. Fair enough, I thought--they do a brisk business, so that would have been acceptable, were in not for a couple of facts...

One: The prices are outrageously expensive, especially as compared to restaurants of similar (and better) quality throughout the region. All told and tallied, it was over $50 for what amounted to a pretty average four-dish dinner for two plus extra egg rolls.

Two: The food is REALLY not that great. Overhyped, certainly. Great, no. I've had FAR better meals from Cathay, Peach Gardens and a variety of other places. And all this blather about them making the best egg rolls in town? Give me a break. I've had far better at many other restaurants. I really wish I hadn't ordered the extra dozen, but I guess I succumbed to the hype.

Do yourself a favour and stick to your regular place, or try somewhere new...but not a place that is so overhyped, unfriendly, and priced into the stratosphere.

I don't know why people flock there...perhaps there is something in Ottawa's drinking water.


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2013 May 6
I stopped by the Golden Palace yesterday afternoon after a coffee date in the neighbourhood. I decided to pick up some of their world famous egg rolls I have been hearing about. They are definitely HUGE and stuffed with lots of pork and cabbage - definitely good value for my money. I'm not sure if I would call them "the best" in Ottawa but they were certainly tasty. I might even try some of their other menu items on my next visit.

2010 Jan 10
I love Golden Palace Egg Rolls. I would order them as my last meal before I died. When I'm not living in Ottawa they are one of the few things I crave. The rest of the food is mediocre, but the Egg Rolls are fantastic.

I would marry one of the 70 year old Egg Roll ladies that the Citizen article mentioned just to learn the recipe.

2010 Jan 10
egg rolls @ GP. heavy on the meaty pork taste, soft on the inside, open-ended and fried in lard resulting in a dryer outer wrap and dark burnt and crispy ends -- also contributing to overall flavor and mouthfeel.

2010 Jan 10
egg rolls @ GP. keeping in mind the schitizen article, not sure if on my last minute on earth that i'd request an order of these nugs but they were pretty good, not enough to make me jump up and down with joy or on slo-mo matrix style. i can taste that these babies were heavy on the pork side with cabbage, 5-spice, MSG loaded, some sugar and fried in lard, owing to the dryer outer egg wrap. what i found too mild and dilute was the plum-pumkin accompanying dipping sauce. i like to dunk my nugs in a zestier sauce... but WAITNAMINUTE! you're also given a smaller dipper of yellow wasabi! now that l'il sweet sucker rocked my world -- bring it on!

2009 Apr 5
Could not agree with you more. If you want a great egg roll try Ruby at the corner of Walkley and Bank beside the Shoppers. They have the best and probably the biggest. Haven't been there in a while it's only take out but it used to be great hope it6 still is.

2009 Apr 4
Totally overrated and overpriced. Don't believe the hype, and don't get sucked in. You'd honestly get better egg rolls from your local mall's food court--and at a fraction of the price. People must be on some sort of weird nostalgia trip down memory lane, or someething.

2009 Mar 31
absolutely the best - not just in this city, but i hazard to say most north american cities. stuffed full with fresh pork and cabbage, open-ended, crispy outside, not too oily. amazing home-made plum sauce with big chunks of plum (how often have you had homemade plum sauce?!)
when i was traveling with a touring show 20 years ago and my folks were coming to visit me, they'd stop at GP on their way out of town with cooler and fill it with egg rolls for me ...and very select friends. love them!

2006 Oct 5
The best in the city; unlike any other