258 Bank St corner Cooper.
Opened in Dec 2010.
Greek food like your Greek friend's grandmother used to make.

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2011 Aug 16
Just finished off the gyro plate from Greek Souvlaki Shack.

Sorry, I forgot my Camera..

My overall experience was great. Although the price was a bit high at 14 bucks, the quality was great. Beautiful roasted potatoes (skin left on), tasty flavorful Greek rice, great gyro meat and a fabulous Greek salad.

My only complaint is that they didn't include any kind of sauce, like tzatsiki. That was pretty disappointing. But since the food was quality and full of flavor I managed.

Staff here are really nice. Just make sure you double check for sauce - cause it's kind of important for this type of food.

2011 Aug 11
Apt613 did a wonderful write up recommending this place:

2011 Jul 6
Based on the reviews below I have had take-out from here several times now and the value is excellent. Favourite so far is the traditional gyro plate which has a generous portion of very flavourful gyro meat, grilled red onions, rice and killer greek potatoes. There is also a greek salad in a separate container and each time the salad has been VERY fresh and crisp. Last visit the owner Terry advised he was a little low on gyro meat (there was still lots) and he added an extra pork skewer. This was take out so he did not know who I was and would do the same for any customer. I am a big guy and I am completely stuffed and satisfied after this meal. Excellent value for less then $15 including tax. I have also tried the sausage plate and calamari (which is fresh and he cuts and breads on site) and both were very good. You can tell the chef really cares about his food and his customers.

2011 Jun 9
Thanks to OSoloMeal's review, I stopped here yesterday for dinner after mostly walking home from work - the gridlock made walking much faster.

Although I dislike olives and feta, I still found a wide variety of dishes to choose from in the small but very well-designed menu. Major points there.

I went for the moussaka - eggplant, zucchini, ground beef and béchamel sauce, mostly. The thick sauce on top was baked until it was firmed up, and some oil drizzled on top. Yet it was not heavy, quite delicious, and of reasonable size. (It looked small next to the large amound of salad on the plate, but it's more that the salad was huge than the moussaka was small.)

Speaking of the salad, more major points: it's mixed fresh each time, so I was cheerfully informed I could have Greek salad without olives or feta. Yes, it loses some zing, but the iceberg lettuce was fresh and crispy, as were the cucumbers and the tomato quarters. The oilive oil was of good quality, adding flavour but not heavy at all. I can't complain it was a bit bland when I took out the major ingredients. :)

I finished with their baklava - mmmm, the sweetness of the almonds(?) and honey with the crispness of the feuilleté was impressive. They served it with a steak knife and fork, and that meant that the flaky top was not crushed and disassembling itself when cut. Of course, I could have used my hands too. :)

Total for main and dessert was $20 with taxes and tip. Not the cheapest, but I certainly wasn't hungry the rest of the evening, and it was quite flavourful. I'll be back to try other things!

2011 Jun 7
You guys are awesome. Thanks for letting me know this place exists. It sounds really tasty, and I can hardly wait for the liquor licence to come in!

2011 Jun 7
Super post by OSoloMeal, so well-written, and expressing everything I always wanted to say about GSH, but was too lazy to. ;)

Liquor license due sometime this month, with beer and good Greek wines (no, that is not an oxymoron), ie. not your standard LCBO/SAQ Greek offerings.

2011 Jun 7
I'm way past due to give the Greek Souvlaki Shack some love. Have been here multiple times since it opened around Dec 2010, most recently early May 2011.

I'm a big fan of greek food, and Ottawa is not really my friend in this respect. There are a few good places that are fine but don't blow me away, a lot of mediocre takeaway/delivery, and that's about it. Visions of the masses of great Greek food places in TO and MTl serve only to frustrate.

So when i spotted Greek Souvlaki Shack taking over from what used to be a little sushi place on Bank st at Cooper, i was hopeful but figured it would be another in the city's long line of delivery counters. And from the outside when you're driving by, it's hard to tell it's anything but. Heck, the name 'shack' doesn't say much. At the time however, my former favourite Greek Souvlaki HOUSE over on Prince of Wales had just shut down (sniff), so some small shred of hope led us to walk in one day and give this place a shot.

At the outset we confirmed on arrival there is no, repeat NO connection to Greek Souvlaki House. Which is fine, because the Shack is better. Oh so very very better. in fact, in my never so ever so never humble opinion, this is the best Greek food in Ottawa.

GSH is quite small - it sits maybe 30-40. It's nicely decorated in greays and cute touches but far from the heavy wood and fake vines many similar places go for.

The owner 'Terry' is also the cook and sometimes the server. He's a really pleasant guy working HARD to ensure his clients are happy. And hard he is working. Almost everything is made in house except a few baked goods he's getting from somewhere truly evil (in a good way).

we've worked our way through a big chucnk of the menu, so let me put it this way...

The souvlaki... pork, chicken and lamb, are all quality meat, well seasoned and done just right.

The donair is awesome. Nothing like the sliced 'pressed' meat most places serve.

The salads are generous and fresh, with a delicious dressing.

The potatoes are just plain wrong (also in a good way).

The spanakopita is the best I've had.

The dips are all excellent.

For platters, they do the classic protein/salad/carb combinations, and also a no carb just salad and protein version.

Haven't tried the moussaka yet but the classic and the veg version have looked tempting on other peoples' plates.

They also do a grilled veg plate that's simply delicious.

Service, be it Terry or an employee, always pleasant and timely.

No booze yet but they're working on it.

One ap, two platters, two cans of pop plus tax and tip is under/about $40. Well worth it.

Will go back, will send others.

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