The Brew Table is open and amazing [General]

2012 Jan 30
When Darcy McGee's closed back on December 31st and I heard that they were going to open as an independent restaurant I was very happy. I was there on opening day which was last wednesday and all I can say is I wasn't disappointed.

I ordered a Certified Angus Burger and it was seriously the best burger I have ever had in my entire life. The burger just melted in my mouth. It was topped with an onion ring with flavors i can't even describe. I got it with a side salad and the new house dressing some roasted red pepper dressing was absolutely incredible.

To top off this amazing food I had amazing service.The beer was nice and cold with a great section. I think I counted 23 beers on tap with some cool ones I have never Heard of.

By the looks of things on Facebook I am not the only one with these views there are pictures of food with other great reviews. check it out and "Like" their page they are giving things away constantly . They also have a really nice website with cool pictures of the new restaurant.

I am looking forward to see what other peoples takes are of this new place. All I know is that it is going to definitely my new hang out for sure!!

2012 Feb 3
I wrote a big, long diatribe making fun of this Mr. Jordan Suchandsuch, but I erased it, because I'm "mature."

I will only leave the graphic, which I believe speaks for itself. If it doesn't: It is a picture of Mr. Suchandsuch being found out for what he is -- a phony whiner who can't spell.

2012 Apr 28
Plagiarizing I E T ...First: Yes I'm new, no I don't work there, no I didn't work on the site and no I'm not the owner (lol).

I am a bit biased tho...
I have been going there for many years - mostly business lunches - and have always enjoyed the food and service. There has been the odd meal which could have been better but compared to the other pubs (even other D'Arcy McGee's with the same menu) it usually meets or exceeds my expectations.

The Brew Table is much brighter and cleaner than the old dark wood decor.
They have old style lighting with large filaments - really cool (I want some for my house).

The menu is similar but the quality seems better for the food I have tired so far - especially the burgers and fries. Sandwiches are good and I also like the cottage pie.
I still need to venture out on the menu - maybe if I go for dinner.

Last visit I had a daily special soup - spicy parsnip - which was fantastic. I don't care much for parsnips so I'm glad the server highly recommended it.

For Beer - I usually order Smithwicks when I'm there so I don't have any complaints or opinions.

For service - I'm a bit surprised with the so-so comments. It's always great for me but it may help that some of the servers recognize me? will still be my go-to-spot when I want to meet or take people for a pub style lunch.