This vendor no longer exists!


Vitae-Mine is a healthy sandwich and smoothy shop located at the corner of Laurier and O'conner. They offer salads, wraps, sandwiches, breakfast items, healthy juices, smoothies, granola, and yoghurt among other healthy options.

Foods from Vitae-Mine


2011 Oct 19
Please let this real estate finally be used for good and not evil.

2011 Oct 19
Yes I really don't know how they managed to stay open that long. I only went in once when it first opened just to check the place out and they were really pushing the healthy lifestyle approach but, as I recall, they seemed to offer mostly smoothies, wraps, and salads. I kinda felt like I was in Booster Juice but with a few extra menu items. The layout made it look very spacious but they never looked terribly busy...

2011 Oct 19
Not surprised. Something about the layout made it look like a health supplement store from outside.

2011 Oct 19
This restaurant is now closed. The windows are all papered up. There is a sign in the window announcing a coffee shop will be opening soon - I "think" it will be a "Presse Café".

2011 Sep 2
"Giant" salad that consisted of 90% spinach and 10% other (bland avocado, watery salsa, fresh and sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, and two tablespoons of hemp seed): $11.24.

Mediocre service: No charge.

Thoughts about mugging your wife for any vegan fixings on the delicious smelling sandwich she got elsewhere because you devoured your "giant" salad and were still hungry: Priceless.

I won't go back. Not because the food wasn't acceptable – it was – but because I feel like I was robbed for paying for what I got.

2011 Jul 16
I"m surprised this vendor has not yet been created. Vitae-Mine has been at Laurier and O'Conner for at least two years now. When they first opened, I sampled a salad and a sandwich. I thought it was pretty good, but for some reason I hadn't visited in over a year.

This past week I decided to give them another try, and I was pleasantly surprised! So surprised that I had Vitae-mine two days in a row this week.

On Thursday I ordered the Miso Beef wrap - which I really enjoyed. This sandwich was made with 'sliced oven roasted beef', sunflower seeds, crispy Chinese noodles and miso sauce. Each sandwich also includes a choice of four additional toppings. I chose pickled eggplant, cucumber, red onions and spinach - I also requested humus. All of these goodies were wrapped into a spinach tortilla and grilled in a panini press. Absolutely delicious. The beef wasn't the best quality, but that didn't really matter. It seems their chicken breast pieces, beef slices etc. are similar in quality to processed sysco products. - This is just a guess though.

Yesterday at lunch I went back to try something else. Pictured is the spicy prawn avocado wrap. I enjoyed this wrap as much as the ginger beef. This wrap was made with 'baked prawns in a spicy oil', fresh basil, coconut curry sauce, pickled eggplant, shaved beets, red onion, artichoke, goat cheese and tomatoes. Very, very good!

They offer two sizes of sandwiches and salads: mighty and tiny. In my experience the tiny sized wraps are more than enough for lunch time. If I am not mistaken, I believe that every sandwich can be made into a salad and vise versa.

The wrap/sandwiches/salads are not too cheep at about 8 dollars for the tiny size, however I am impressed with the quality (meat excluded), healthful ingredients offered and creative flavor combinations.

Highly Recommended.