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2013 Aug 14
So, I am having a sort of negative experience with these guys tonight. Everything started off ok with placing the order through the website - I chose to pick up instead of hang out and wait for delivery - and despite the fact that there are not a lot of descriptions about the sushi, I'm ok with it.

Fast forward to getting home and beginning to eat. This is where we have problems. When I ordered mushroom sushi, I was expecting something like an pickled oyster or shiitake mushroom in the roll. Nope - these are deep fried. Not a win for me, and it does not specify this detail on the site. Next up is the shrimp tempura roll and again, not the best; the batter is really dense and not light like tempura batter I'm used to. I don't think the drive home was the problem (sometimes with takeaway sushi this is an issue) but instead just heavy batter and overcooked shrimp. The only other negative was that the avocado in the rolls seemed unripe - crunchy almost. Not tasty for me.

There were some good elements to my order - the unagi roll is great and the gyoza too. But overall, I'm a little underwhelmed, especially given all the good reviews on here. Maybe I caught them at a bad day.

2013 Aug 2
Had a totally positive meal here this week (Aug 2013, mid week, 9pm'ish).

My bias against sushi in Ottawa is well documented elsewhere, so this was a nice surprise.

Had actually intended to go to Shawarma Palace but the Ramadan dinner crowd line was to the door. Turned towards Harvey's but spotted Delivery Sushi tucked away past a Milano pizza.

Had a look thru the window... looked cute. Two couples were inside eating, seemed happy, menu had ample non-fishy options for my selective dining companion (likes sushi, but not raw fish or seafood... i know, i know, i don't hold it against her...) so in we went.

Despite the harsh florouscent lighting, the restaurant area is indeed cute. Decent size two seater tables is the usual 2-4-6+ configurations, nice chairs, live plants and lots of kitchy stuff, real chopsticks (not wood) with real chopstick rests and wood (not plastic) soy sauce bowls. The huge open kitchen takes up fully half the restuarant, i think the entire family is working back there and they aren't quiet about it either. We found this charming but if you want a nice quiet intimate dinner maybe do takeout and go home...

The sushi menu is the usual assortment of variations of california, dynamite, tempura rolls, etc with some yakitori and udon noodle soup options. Nothing strikingly original but not lacking either. Sashimi list had all the usual fishies.

On arrival we received a pitcher of chilled tea... some sort of woodsy not quite jasmine not quite green flavor, i liked.

Free miso was good. No powdery taste at all, was probably made from 'real' ingredients with some veg and seaweed floating around.

I opted for the Ocean Platter... it had about 8 pieces of sashimi, five assorted sushi, six assorted crab/avocado/cucumber mini rolls and two spicy tuna. All were fresh. The sashimi was great, no freezer burn, no carry over taste from being left next to other items, the sushi were all equally quality fish, on good rice with the right bit of wasabi, the spicy tuna were flat out great and the assorted crab/av/cuke rolls were good. Came with a seaweed salad... for $19.95 this was a lot of food.

Anti-fishy-sushi-fan had one of the vegetarian combos (there were at least 3). Three or four kinds of rolls (i think 16 pieces total)made with variations on veg, most with tempura. I tried one, very tasty. She was happy with it. $15.95.

For the sushi and rolls, the rice to 'stuff' ratios were very good. No filler, just the right amounts of rice and good to generous portions of everything else.

They brought us a sample of their walnut/cheese roll... cream heese, avocado, chunk of walnut... not a combination i would have thought of... wouldn't necessarily order 8 of those, but nice, would work on a combo plate. I give them credit for trying.

A big bowl of just edamame beans were slightly salted, served steamed hot and solid quality and quantity.

Two plates and edamame, with the free tea and miso and enough leftovers for a lunch, $47 and change, tax in.

Service was friendly and prompt.

Based on this visit, will go back, will send others, would order or takeout.

2013 Apr 28
This concept in general worries me....

2013 Apr 28
Had a very very disappointing meal from here last night.

Had 5 other friends over, and we put together an almost $160 order. First off, we were told 1 hour 10 minutes for delivery, which I thought was excessive.

Then, when the order arrives, I paid with cash. Everyone put in a bit, so it was all $20s. I admit a bit of a small tip, but the driver had the nerve to ask "No tip?" I told him those were the smallest bills we had. Maybe if they'd been early to deliver could we have scrounged up a bit more tip, but to ASK? Really? (strike 1)

Then we start inspecting the order, and we can't identify any sweet potato tempura, nor any mushroom rolls. We called the restaurant back, and they *insisted* on sending someone to my house to look at the order, oh, and we aren't to eat any of it til he arrives(strike 2)

Once the guy gets here, we find out that their sweet potato tempura uses a white-fleshed sweet potato, while the rolls use a more typical orange fleshed sweet potato. And they put avocado in the mushroom rolls, something which none of us had seen from them before. He did not seem to understand that we felt that the two different types of sweet potato should have been labeled differently on the menu (strike 2.5)

So by the time he leaves and we can eat, the "tempura" is cold (it was battered and crumb coated, not typical tempura), the rolls are warming up, and at least I could put the sashimi in the fridge. The food was "ok". Certainly not $160 good. The sweet potato tempura especially was not liked by anyone, even the kids. And not good service at all. We felt that we could have had much better value and quality of service had we gone to one of the buffets. (strike 3)

I doubt they'll be getting any orders in the future from any of my guests or myself last night.

2013 Feb 3

2012 Dec 21
I won't be reviewing their food.

Their website still says delivery free under 20k.

I looked and I was 15.6 k away.

They called and refused to order.

I then re-googled and found a way to get to my place that was under 15k.

Not very pleased right now. I abhor false advertising.

2012 Sep 12
I'm pretty new to eating sushi, but have been craving it with the seafood allergic hubby out of town. I was hungry when I got home from work, so I ordered online from Ottawa Delivery Sushi. I do wish that each item listed main ingredients, as I'm not familiar with a lot of standard rolls. I also do not do raw fish at all, nor salmon at all.

I ended up ordering the Crispy Chicken Roll, the Egg/Cream Cheese roll, the Crispy Onion Roll, and an order of gyoza.

I was initially dismayed at being told it would be an hour for my order, but it showed up in less than half that! (I do live by the airport, so pretty close to the restaurant).

The gyoza were very yummy, still warm, and drizzled with a teriyaki type sauce. I LOVED the Crispy Chicken roll, and the egg/cream cheese roll was quite good. The crispy onion roll was still ok, but not my favorite. Everything seemed fresh, and well prepared. Also included were chopsticks, soy sauce packets, pickled ginger, and wasabi.

I can't get sushi much, and there is something to be said about hitting a sushi buffet with friends. But I will order with confidence from Ottawa Delivery Sushi again!

2011 Jul 20
I ordered from here a few times. The first few times it was enjoyable. Certainly, like most Ottawa Sushi, not as good as those on the Coasts of Canada however this place was reasonable. Good Prices, ect.

Recently, their prices increased and the Quality has decreased significantly. The Tuna was just awful. Obviously previously frozen and "fishy". They also probably have the worst tempura I've ever had. Its more like cheap Fish and Chip batter than it is Japanese tempura. Their Spicy sauce on their roles is also less than desirable, its weird and does not improve the flavor, simply takes away.

I'm not sure if the chef changed, but oh my, the quality was just awful last time I ordered. I don't think i will again as it was far more expensive and not worth the risk again.

2011 Jun 22
definately fulfills a Sushi craving.
And prices are pretty good.
my room mate and I always get the tempura combo and the crispy combo with some Gyoza (sp?), fried dumplings. probably just under $50 or so.
Always full, always with leftovers. :)

I got the miso soup once, wasnt that great, but good enough.
we also got the Spicy combo once, was not spicy at all and we never got it again.
The crispy combo was more spicy.
And delievers to Sandy Hill for sure :)

2011 May 12
Actually located in "south keys", not "ottawa south", based off of the google maps location.




2011 Apr 8
Their site is layed out really well. I'll def be ordering from there.