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2011 May 10
I ate a bunch. :)
For the price, the convenience (beautiful website), the delivery time (30 minutes to Centretown) and the quality -- this can't be beat. I've only had it once, last week, but I'll gladly put myself on the line and do more rigorous testing in the coming weeks.

My boyfriend and I both thought the sushi was well made and the fish tasted great. I ordered via their website and it was very easy.

I feel like I might be cheating on Genji a little bit.

2011 May 4
Definitely not the best Sushi I've had, but it's still pretty good. Fair prices and quick delivery.

It is hands down the most convenient way to satisfy my Sushi cravings.

2011 Apr 13
Has anybody ordered from Delivery Sushi, or tried their sushi?

I tried to order from them tonight but there was a waiting period for delivery, so I cancel my orders.

2011 Apr 7
FYI: I just received their menu in my mailbox, so they deliver to Little Italy at the very least.

And the menu mentions delivery to "wherever you are in Ottawa." Check that!

2010 Dec 16
I really like their website and how you can view large pics of everything! An excellent idea for people who are sushi newbies. I like that the site is not busy and that they aren't following some of the current trends in sites that some other people are.

Agree with momo though, would be nice to have the delivery range on the website.

Can't wait to try it!

2010 Dec 16
Nice! Would you happen to know what their delivery radius is? It seems like they could deliver almost anywhere from Bank and Hunt Club, but I'm sure that it's limited only to certain areas.

2010 Dec 15
Delivery Sushi seems to be what we've been looking for. Prior to moving to Ottawa from Houston, sushi was something that we went out for once a week as a regular thing but after multiple disappointments we basically gave up looking for a decent sushi place within "go for a no hassles supper" range of mooneys bay.

The only decent Sushi we did find in the city so far was in Byward Market and I refuse to head into the lion's den on a work night. Every other place we tried the fish was mushy/soft (old? previously frozen?) and simply not very good.

We discovered this place in the strip mall at Bank & Hunt Club by seeing the sign while heading for Vietnamese one day and checked it out. Don't let the name fool you, they have 5 or 6 tables for seating guests.

The extra "on the house" order of something interesting that they have thrown in every time we've gone is something that our favorite place in Houston used to do as well so it is quite nostalgic.

It is run by a couple of very earnest and very Japanese folks who opened the place some time in the last few months. We are loving it!

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2011 Apr 8
Their site is layed out really well. I'll def be ordering from there.