Signature/Most Requested Dish [General]

2010 Jun 2
Everybody has their favourite dish to make and their most requested dish, not always the same thing unfortunately.

My most requested dish is “Birthday Chicken” which is so named b/c I only cook it for someone’s birthday as it does tend to shorten ones lifespan. Also it’s fairly simple it’s a

Birthday Chicken

Chicken Breast Stuffed with Baldersons old cheddar, shallots, garlic and sausage meat. The outside is then wrapped in bacon and roasted in the oven.

My signature dish is a baked linguine with blue cheese cream sauce, roasted red pepper and Chicken. I play around with the ingredients (black olives, yellow peppers, no chicken) But the key is not to use too much blue cheese in the cream sauce, maybe half the recommended amount in whatever recipe you use (fill in with parmesan or romano). I do this to make the sauce milder, the dish is baked with Blue cheese on top (I use Stilton) that way the sauce has that lovely tang and each individual serving can be tailored with the blue cheese melted on top.

2010 Jun 2
no one ever requests anything i make :( foodie fail. in MY opinion though, i make a mean key lime tart.

2010 Jun 2
Birthday cake. Preferably the one with the chocolate peanut butter ganache, please. And the chocolate swiss buttercream. But, in general, between March and June, I make all the family birthday cakes...six or seven in total.

Chocolate-chip cookies. I make them with cream cheese and lemon zest.

Hamburger patties.

Arrabiata sauce.

2010 Jun 2
Tortilla de Patata

This dish has few, cheap ingredients -- but, depending on the size of the tortilla, is not entirely easy to make. Flipping it can be a little tricky and getting the right consistency takes practice. Thank goodness my grandma gave me the tips I needed.

Having said that, I've noticed that my close friends and family have been more than able to pick this recipe up and add their own signature ingredients. Customizing options are endless!

The other thing I like about tortilla is that you can eat it cold or hot, and it can take the place of an appetizer or main course.

I apologize for the bad picture, my BB Pearl is no iPhone. As well, this particular tortilla de patata is not my best work.

And Cait: Let me be the first to request your key lime tart, if there's ever a foodie meet up. :) Yum!

2010 Jun 2
Key Lime Tart/Pie/Cheesecake is my favourite dessert by far, but as long as somebody else juices those damn tiny limes!

2010 Jun 2
Well I am usually known as the salad lady. I go to alot of potlucks with friends and coworkers that like to cook. So everyone shows up with their fanciest, most creative main course items and nary a veggie in sight. I "could" take a pasta dish (my favourite!) but, being a firm believer in maintaining a balanced diet, I bring a salad. So far I have been getting positive feedback from the ones I make so far. Besides you can't burn a salad-;)

I still think my friends and coworkers have alot to learn from our foodie meetup last summer. People just showed up with food, we had quite an assortment of dishes on the buffet table, and everything was delicious!

2010 Jun 2
My most requested 'dish' is probably B'stilla. From wikipedia ( ) "is an elaborate meat pie traditionally made of squab (fledgling pigeons). As squabs are often hard to get, shredded chicken is more often used today; ... It is typical of Morocco and highly regarded as a national dish of that country"

I make mine with chicken, and as individual portions, instead of in one big pan. It is served sprinkled with icing sugar and cinnamon. Takes a good 2 to 3 days to make.

2010 Jun 2
Pete I read the description as I was not familiar with that dish. It sounds absolutely amazing, I'm going to make an attempt at it this weekend.

2010 Jun 2
The recipe I use can be found here:

Good Luck!

Note: the recipe makes more Ras el hanout than you need. Save the leftover, it's awesome on bbq roast chicken or pork.

2010 Jun 2
Sushi and cream puffs(Paris-Brest)
LWB: Your chocolate chip cookie w/cream cheese and lemon zest sounds so yummy!

2010 Jun 4
Beans and greens! (It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I start it with bacon.)

2010 Jun 6
I whipped up a mighty amazing Panchetta wrapped Halibut this evening. I wouldn't say it's my signature dish, or the most requested since tonight was my first attempt, however it turned out pretty frickin tasty with no "flops". I pulled the recipe off of the food network:

The cumin yogurt and pesto oil were a perfect combination for the salty panchetta and the mild halibut. In between the halibut and bacon is couple of leaves of parsley and lemon zest. mmhhmm. I added zucchinis to the roasted potatoes and peppers. My girlfriend and I thought it was pretty snazy and tasted quite amazing.

Here is a before and after pic. --------------------->

It wasn't too hard, but the tying of the halibut was a little tricky.