Foods from Pizza Workz


2011 Aug 5
My boyfriend is working out in Carp, and he had pizza from Pizza Workz for lunch yesterday. It was so good that he went back in the evening and picked up a medium pizza for the two of us. Boy, am I lucky.

I can say that this was the best pizza I've eaten in Ottawa. Picture this: feta, bacon and pineapple. As usual, I can't tell you exactly why it was so good, but I'll try.
On a whole, I wouldn't call it greasy pizza, although it might have been somewhat soaked up by the crumbled feta. The toppings were generous. The crust was just crispy enough.
What I really liked was the tomato sauce, which was rounded out perfectly by the pineapple--a little twist on the end of the taste.

I highly recommend you all take a trip out to Carp and try this. My recommendations for shawarma have been spotty in the past, but I am positive anyone would enjoy this pizza.

Check out the prices on the website. Cheers!