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My name is YESSI and I'll take all the Guinness you have.

And all the garlic sauce.

And cheezburgers.

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2010 Sep 29
Glad you like the pictures. The dinner was totally awesome, and it was great meeting Chris, too!

2010 Sep 1
Don't actually freelance anymore, have made the switch to corporate comm...used to be a web-editor/copywriter.

Yeah, real Mexican food is outstanding, but hard to come by. The second a good one opens in Ottawa, I am there!

2010 Aug 25
hehe It is a bit overwhelming, isn't it?

2010 Aug 25
Rant away! So I guess moxies actually looses some business to people who find their superficial hiring policy distasteful. Sadly I think they get more business from that then they lose though :-S... And the food is pretty good, shame.

2010 Aug 18
Hey! I finally went to Chu Shing! Thanks for the recommendation. We really enjoyed ourselves, although I think I am still loyal to Yangtze.

2010 Aug 16
it was as great as it sounded.. glad you found the notes handy!

2010 Aug 11
Slush Puppie? I was thinking more along the lines of 7-eleven Big Gulp! :)

2010 Aug 3
I think I know of the picture you *might* be referring to, PM if you don't want to publicly offend ;)

2010 Jul 31
nice try.

2010 Jul 30
NO dear. my lady friends aren't a reserve to be alternated; they're my good circle of sincere friends and family! whoever i pick for a variety of occasions depends on their TASTES that i know for particular cuisines, cultures and diets etc.. some more/less picky than others when it comes to trying out new food and just a fun time. you're sweet for calling them HOT. i'll definitely let them know you dig 'em and they'll most certainly be flattered!

happy and healthy eating,

pej daddy

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