A Chef's Perspective on Ottawa [General]

2010 Jul 12
Hello all I am currently an executive chef in Ottawa (where I'm from doesn't matter just say that we are well rated and in the byward market). I recently moved here from the Toronto area and was dismayed at the lack of culinary appreciation in Ottawa. The scene here seems to be less about good food and more about praising some defunct "superstar" chefs. Many reviewers (and yes my restaurant has been reviewed and quite well at that) seem to want to hob knob with these chefs and simply shun their nose at any new talent at arising in the city. Furthermore, it seems that Ottawa simply wants their chicken, salmon, and beef. Call the police if I ever but botaraga, quail, or any tropical fish on my menu. The lack of culinary appreciation will drive every new talent out this city.

I am not saying there are not great resturants in this city such as: Murray Street, Sweetgrass, Domus, and hell even Ahora. Just seems this city doesn't want any of us here.

Just my frustrated two cents.

2010 Jul 23
Well, shite.

I dun' apologize for our lil' city not bein' up to yer' standards. Maybe you should try the ol' Wellington Gastropub or, perhaps, Atelier, an' holler at the rest of us folks to let us know how yer food was.

Or, when in doubt, do what I do. Add fixins!


2010 Jul 25
I just finished reading these posts ...

*hides under bed*