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2013 Jul 26
I took my daughter here for all you can eat sushi prior to a concert at the Canadian Tire Centre.

I have reasonable expectations of an all you can eat sushi restaurant but these were not close to being met.


1) Service was slow.
2) The server walked by several times before taking our order slip. On the second order, I gave up after 5 minutes (and the server walking by 3 or 4 times (with nothing in her hands) and just handed it to the server.
3) I don't believe the server said thank-you once.
4) Items were dropped from our order and in other cases the number of items we ordered was not brought (e.g., 8 slices of salmon sashimi instead of 10).
5) The portions were very small even by all you can eat sushi standards.
6) Service was so slow we had to skip dessert.

I went to this restaurant a few times several years ago and never had these sorts of problems (though I don't think it was all you can eat at that time). My guess is that many of these issues are a deliberate strategy designed to minimize how much food is eaten. I empathize with any restaurant owner trying to make a go of it. I think its hard. But if the restaurant doesn't find all you can eat sushi profitable, they should not bother doing it.

I have eaten at both Sushi 168 locations and never had these issues. While I don't go to Sushi Kan anymore, I went there at least a dozen times and again, did not have these problems.

My recommendation: Don't go.

2013 Apr 24
Poor service, long waits for food even when not busy, incomplete or lost orders - no one seems to have ownership/care. Food quality ranges from ok/good to poor - inconsistent quality. Would not touch all you can eat item #51 again as shrimp was only partially cooked and had strange taste. Other people I have talked to have had similar experience. Too bad, with better management it has the potential to be good. A number of us will not go back to this place.

2011 Jul 19
LOVE LOVE LOVE the green dragon roll. I unfortunately havent tried too many other menu options, however if you are in the Kanata Centrum area, i HIGHLY recommend the Green Dragon Roll. Very good!

Service is slow, and the decor is somewhat 80's, but their menu's have alot of pictures and are very descriptive.

2011 Jun 22
Second time I have had take out from Kanata Sushi.
I love sushi, but have only tried a few items. The rainbow roll was very good. The salmon rolls also good. Their rolls seem to be quite delicate. I think they do a nice job of the rice. I like it when it has a little flavour to it.
You know they take 10% off the bill if you use cash? Very nice.
I see that they are going to an all you can eat buffet style. I hope that doesn't affect the quality of sushi.

2010 Nov 4
Looks like I was the last one to comment. Here I go again. Happened to be here twice in the last week. Bento Box lunch for 2 at a late lunch was fresh, quick and satisfying. Green tea was no charge so a nice, tasty lunch with tip was under $25.00. Bento box specials were chicken teriyaki and a Shrimp/vegetable tempura which included 2 small spring rolls, 2 (maybe 3?) rolls, seaweed salad and miso soup. Very good value for very decent food. Early supper for 2--we shared a tempura appetizer. The tempura is light and does not induce digestive fire--it was light and fresh. Vegetables with udon noodles (thick) were pretty much perfectly cooked, seasonings were right on. My friend said her 12 piece maki set was awesome. I had a 2 pce salmon sushi (unadventurous but just what I needed). They divided the bill in 2 graciously. It is a little bright in the evening--if you are looking for a romantic atmosphere maybe not great but the food was good to great, service was attentive and the price was reasonable. Note--for lunches especially, bento boxes with soup and salad start at $7.95 and are available 7 days a week.

2010 May 24
3 of us ate here last week for dinner before a movie. We had an assortment of sushi and sashimi, tempura and teriyaki. All the food was fresh and good--quite good when you consider the very reasonable prices. The last time I was here I suffered after a couple of pieces of tempura but no problem this time. Efficient, friendly service, good quality, fresh, delicious choices and good prices. Bento box lunches and specials every day. Good spot in Kanata!

2009 Nov 3
I found the food to be mediocre, not great. The bento box lunch deal is good value. It's overpriced, otherwise. I didn't get sick from the tempura, like some other people mentioned, but I did find it heavy and greasy. And the service was very, very sloooow.

2009 Sep 1
Did this place change hands? Ate here again for the first time in about a year, and was disappointed to see a drastic menu change. My two favorite cooked dishes had been reduced to appetizers, and the menu was now mostly sushi, as opposed to cooked dishes as I remember it (I suppose to reflect the name of the restaurant?). I liked going here for their filling cooked dishes.

Ordered some kind of crab salad, and it was pretty tasteless for a $5 salad.
Orange peel chicken was good, but is no longer a main course.
The yakiudon is no longer what it used to be -- a lot more noodle, a lot less other ingredients and flavor, and shitake mushrooms were replaced with a cheaper variety.

I ordered a variety of sushi and they were quite unappetizing as opposed to the last time I had sushi at this place. The flavor was off (several of them tasted metallic - it wasn't mackerel either) and the rice crumbled easily.

I also noticed that the decor has been changed and now looks a lot more like Sushi Khan's with the cheap suspended umbrellas and paper lanterns. That scared me because I don't like Sushi Khan's food or atmosphere, and I really used to like Sushi Kanata. I wish they'd keep the two separate even if they have changed hands. =[

2009 Aug 10
Tried this place for the first time. Was pleasantly surprised. We ordered seaweed salad (good), shrimp tempura (fine but came without veggies), scallop salad (this was a first, interesting texture, consistency and taste were more squid-like), spider roll (okay), las vegas roll (good in taste and quantity), and a sashimi combo platter. I would definitely come back next time I am in the Kanata burbs.

2008 May 2
Long time no post, had to share though, I enjoyed a wonderful meal at Kanata Sushi (Centrum Plaza) with friends in the fall of 07, we went there as it seemed convenient, and it earned my nomination for best local sushi, the food quality, service and price were great. Ive been craving a return visit since, and finally got there on Tuesday of this week, I had heard that the business was failing due to the poor location, and was glad to see the place was busy, but not overloaded, we were seated immediately and well attended by our server, who had to make multiple visits to us while we chose from the extensive menu,

My Hubby had the Hot and Sour Soup for a starter, I ordered the Seaweed Salad, they brought me a Miso soup as well, soups, salad were wonderful.

They then brought an oriental garden salad, basic iceberg salad, the dressing was "citrusy" paste and citrusy water on the bottom of the plate, after a few tastes, we both found it disturbing and put the salads aside.

Main Courses, Hubby ordered and enjoyed the BBQ Eel on rice (sorry dont recall the proper name) He enjoyed it very much.

I ordered the Ottawa Sushi Kit (their name) and requested some chenges to it, ie, no Octopus or Clam, what arrived included California Rolls, Salmon Sushi, Tuna Sushi, What Im guessing was Mackerel, Snapper sushi and a Shrimp Sushi.
-California Rools were fine
-Salmon was wonderful
-Mackerel (as Ive named it) was horrible, dry, off flavored, Ive never eaten it raw before, but very much enjoy cooked Mackerel.
-Shrimp was eaten by Hunny, no negative remarks.

Supper with Ginger ale and tip priced out at 50.00, fair deal...

By 3AM the next morning, not such a great deal, both Hunny and I were rather ill, neither of us is willing to pin down the offending food, as we had picked at each others plates throughout the meal.

Sadly, Hunny has now written off Sushi, Im not so closed, but am doubtful I will return again, anyone else had an off experience here recently?




2007 Sep 18
I used to work nearby so once in awhile I'd pickup a quick bento box for lunch. Prices are reasonable compared to downtown sushi bars. They have a wide selection of creative rolls. Friendly service. I would return if I was ever in the area.



2008 Jun 6
This is the Chirashi (Menu: B55). Excellent, excellent fish; the salmon was melt-in-your-mouth.

2012 Nov 19
At lunchtime during the week, they serve up lunch specials instead of their usual AYCE options. The quality is not bad at all for an AYCE place and the value is excellent!

There are several choices -- the one you see here is the Sushi bento box and it contains (for $9.95):

* Miso soup (not in photo)
* seaweed salad
* 2 chicken balls
* 2 small spring rolls
* 3 California roll
* 6 salmon roll
* 6 nigiri sushi

This is a great lunch option! It was quite deserted on a Monday though. Go check it out and help keep the place in business!