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Bento Box at Sushi Fresh
Bento Box at Sushi Fresh
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2017 Oct 29
The Roll Bento Box ($11.50) is a nice choice from their lunch menu when you want a lighter meal. The sushi is of great quality here. If you get take out (like I did this time) you miss out on the miso soup.

2017 Sep 3
Lunch special Tempura Bento Box ($12.50) was excellent value. The tempura won't win any awards with its heavier than ideal batter but it was piping hot, tasty, and great for the price point. 👌

2017 Aug 12
This place is becoming a favourite for our work lunches. Around $12.50 gets you a nice bento box with miso soup! Pictured here is the sashimi option. Everything is done well, from the salad to the gyoza and the california roll.



2006 Nov 20
I've been to Totoya a few times and always enjoyed what I ordered. My favourite item from there is their bento box. It's a nice mixture of some of my favourites (tempura, sushi, teriyaki, etc).

I've also found the same problem as Duckfat; Totoya is never really busy when I've been in or walked by. I'm hoping that business starts to pick up in the next few months with the holidays and all that.

2017 Mar 25
The bento "box" here is a platter containing some sushi, rice, stirfried protein of choice, a salad, and these really addictive sweet potato tempura fries! At around ten bucks, it's a great option compared to the traditionally greasy food court stuff.

2012 Nov 19
At lunchtime during the week, they serve up lunch specials instead of their usual AYCE options. The quality is not bad at all for an AYCE place and the value is excellent!

There are several choices -- the one you see here is the Sushi bento box and it contains (for $9.95):

* Miso soup (not in photo)
* seaweed salad
* 2 chicken balls
* 2 small spring rolls
* 3 California roll
* 6 salmon roll
* 6 nigiri sushi

This is a great lunch option! It was quite deserted on a Monday though. Go check it out and help keep the place in business!

2014 Dec 18
My lunch today was the Spicy Pork Hana Box for $9.95 + tax. Lip smackingly delicious, healthy, and satisfying. Each component was tasty and fresh. Very hard to do better than this for lunch food!

These are a lunch item, available until 4pm.