Located in the upstairs section of Lapointe's Fish Restaurant in the Market.
Also delivers! (Closed on Sundays)

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Bento Box at Sushi Fresh
Bento Box at Sushi Fresh
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2006 Dec 17
Here's a sample of their work

yay for non neon-pink ginger...the stuff is addictive and made in-house. :)

Very friendly and the patio is awesome in the summer.

People watching & sushi...what else do you really need?

Sushi 6


2010 Dec 10
This may be the best sushi in Ottawa. The sashimi is super fresh and delicious, absolutely none of the nasty fishy taste you would get at a crappier sushi place like Ken's on Rideau. The tempura is nicely done as well.

The value is excellent. My girlfriend and I each had sushi plate (she ordered sushi special B and I got the Sashimi Bento) plus miso soup, green tea and vegetable tempura and the total bill came to only $36 plus tip, which is incredible considering how fresh and delicious the sushi was. We both walked out stuffed.

I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for good sushi in Ottawa. The only complaint I have is that they don't serve any sake :(. Then again, it's located right in the Byward Market so you can go drink somewhere else afterwards if you need alcohol.


2017 Oct 29
The Roll Bento Box ($11.50) is a nice choice from their lunch menu when you want a lighter meal. The sushi is of great quality here. If you get take out (like I did this time) you miss out on the miso soup.

2017 Sep 3
Lunch special Tempura Bento Box ($12.50) was excellent value. The tempura won't win any awards with its heavier than ideal batter but it was piping hot, tasty, and great for the price point. 👌

2017 Aug 12
This place is becoming a favourite for our work lunches. Around $12.50 gets you a nice bento box with miso soup! Pictured here is the sashimi option. Everything is done well, from the salad to the gyoza and the california roll.

2017 Nov 4
The Dolsot Bibimbap ($12.50) is very good here! Served in a heated stone bowl with a raw egg yolk, you stir it all together to combine the goodness and cook the egg. Necessary flavour and spice are added by way of a cute little side bowl of 고추장 (gochujang chili paste), and an included bowl of miso soup makes it feel like a complete meal.