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2008 Mar 2
Avoid the tempura!! We ate here last night and we're still feeling sick and indigested this morning. Wifey and I have a pretty good grease tolerance but this was something new. We were even scraping batter off the tempura in order to make it more edible. Yuck!

The maki is pretty good and the special rolls are awesome here. Soup is mediocre. NOTE TO SELF: next time only rolls -- no tempura! Service was prompt and friendly.

2007 Dec 6
Wonderful food in a straightforward environment (i.e. not high on ambiance but the food is still great)

2006 Sep 17
Interesting and creative sushi items. A nice change if you want something other than regular standard maki rolls.

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2012 Nov 19
At lunchtime during the week, they serve up lunch specials instead of their usual AYCE options. The quality is not bad at all for an AYCE place and the value is excellent!

There are several choices -- the one you see here is the Sushi bento box and it contains (for $9.95):

* Miso soup (not in photo)
* seaweed salad
* 2 chicken balls
* 2 small spring rolls
* 3 California roll
* 6 salmon roll
* 6 nigiri sushi

This is a great lunch option! It was quite deserted on a Monday though. Go check it out and help keep the place in business!

Sushi -2



2007 Sep 18
I used to work nearby so once in awhile I'd pickup a quick bento box for lunch. Prices are reasonable compared to downtown sushi bars. They have a wide selection of creative rolls. Friendly service. I would return if I was ever in the area.

Sashimi -2



2008 Jun 6
This is the Chirashi (Menu: B55). Excellent, excellent fish; the salmon was melt-in-your-mouth.