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Ottawa's first truly pet-friendly cafe has plenty of room to sit and read the paper, check your emails, or browse around.

Foods from WAG - Doggi'nit Cafe


2010 Jul 29
Love the place! I think it's GREAT there is a place for man and best friend to chill together over beveies and biscuits.

While it is true that, accourding to section 59(e) and 60 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act that dogs are not allowed (broadstroke rule for sure) anywhere that food is " displayed, stored, sold or offered for sale" ...
I checked the health inspection site and they have a clean bill (Sept 2009). I'm glad the Health inspector used intelligent discretion.

Great shop!

2010 Jul 28
They also sell B.Goods cookies since they are safe for canine (as well as human) consumption.

(FWIW, Mlle Fantine, I don't think your review oversold the establishment by any stretch.)

2010 Jul 23
I'm wondering about the legality of bringing a pet to an establishment that sells food for consumption. Is it actually against health code, or is that just a commonly belief? Before I moved to Ottawa, I worked at a fine dining establishment that allowed dogs on the patio, but I am not sure if patios have different rules.

I'm not trying to over sell WAG (I have definitely had better coffee - oh Cooke's Fine Food in Kingston, how I miss you!) but I do like it a lot more than Starbucks, Bridgehead or McDonalds, all of which have pages here. I find the customer service is also much better than average. Aside from the fact that it is a petshop, I think it's definitely better than your average coffee shop.

2010 Jul 21
The reason the idea of bringing your pet to a coffee shop is unique is because it's actually *not* legal to bring non-service animals into establishments that sell food for consumption.

So, yeah, this is a pet store that also happens to sell Kicking Horse coffee. Not a coffee shop that happens to sell dog treats. It's a good pet store, but a pet store nonetheless.

I like Kicking Horse's coffees and teas about as much as anyone else, I just don't think that this place needs to be oversold.

2010 Jul 20
The idea of bringing your dog to a coffee shop with you is so unique, so I thought they deserved a page here. Plus, WAG is not only a pet boutique, they make the best Chia Latte in town - way better and cheaper than Starbucks, Bridgehead or any of those other chain stores in my humble opinion. Perhaps this is because they use the Canadian company Kicking Horse for all of their coffee, tea and of course, the Chia latte syrup. It is sometimes a little on the sweet side, but I always just ask them to go lighter on the syrup. Being a bit of a tea connoisseur, I can also vouch for their tea, which unlike a lot of coffee shops, isn't the cheap, bagged stuff, but legitimate loose leaf, 100% organize tea, again from Kicking Horse. I've had better tea at tea houses or speciality tea shops, but considering what you usually get at coffee shops or restaurants, it's pretty solid. So next time you are in the Glebe with you pup, just keep walking across the canal and stop at WAG for some coffee/tea and refreshments. Their molasses ginger cookies are to die for!