Election Night Shooter [Booze]

2011 May 2
I posted this on Facebook and then thought it might have wider appeal so I'm posting it here!

Elxn41 Shooter

* A sprinkling of green Midori (May-dori) to keep everyone honest.
* A conservative splash of blue curaçao.
* A liberal dash of Fragoli strawberry liqueur.
* A surprisingly deep layer of orange juice.
* Served in a Québécois shot glass to help keep things separate.

You can see that the layers have coalesced somewhat and I'm just not sure how well they will work together.

Tasting notes: A little too syrupy, somewhat boring, with a hint of zip and a good heart. Happy Election Day, Canada! :-)

2011 May 2
Ill stick to Innis and Gunn. Thank you very much.

2011 May 2
My shooter:

* an ounce or two of Grand Marnier
* a dash of opticism
* a barrel of skepticism

Off to watch the results now...

2011 May 2
Since we didn't have anything that exemplified the two solitudes, we went for something similar: Cremant d'Alsace. French-German is almost French-English, right?

2011 May 3
I just wanted to drink something, anything, to excess.

2011 May 3
I don't think the ingredients work together... the blue curacoa overpowered all the other flavours and left a really sour taste in my mouth, so sour i had to spit it out. The orange juice bring nice colour but is pretty useless in terms of flavour. The fragoli just sank to the bottom and wasn't a factor.

2011 May 3
tourist, haha... in retrospect, I was surprised how little the Fragoli contributed. I guess it wasn't fresh anymore and might have lost its appeal due to being bland and bottled in the USA.

Orange juice is great with melon and/or strawberry. The blue curaçao is good for a little colour but overpowers the mix when there's too much. And it turns out my choice of shot glass was irrelevant. ;-)

2011 May 4
I'm so late to this party. Sorry FF. I was busy drinking on election night, and busy nursing my blue hangover on Tuesday.

Here's my contribution. May I present to you, the Jacked Layton:
Combine ice, gin and orange pop (NOT PC brand!).

If that doesn't say class...