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2015 May 7
The capitals are copied right from the menu. While they say the restaurant is for everyone, it has been 98% women when I've been and the majority are wearing $100 stretch pants from across the street.

I've with beable on the preference for cynicism, but I do love a vegetarian restaurant.

2015 May 7

Based on the menu downloadable from their website - the names of the dishes.

The entire menu has twee names for all the dishes, and some of the descriptions are even worse. e.g. the soup is "made with love". A salad contains "goddess greens".

Just once, I would like to go to a restaurant where the soup is made with cynicism. Or at least a healthy skepticism.

I mean, how can you go wrong with a nice soup made out of lentils, lemon, cynicism, garlic, sarcasm, with just a touch of cilantro and hate? And maybe a sprinkling of nuts and mockery?

I'll still try this place when I get a chance because I like having good vegetarian options available for dining out, but I'll make sure to do so with company that will be happy to mock the menu with me.

2015 May 6
Are those capitalized words your thoughts on the dish, or is that the name of the dish? Or something else entirely?

2015 May 6
New vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Westboro.

Foods I've tried:
TRANSFORMED - ceasar salad made with kale.
DIVINE - dumplings
BELLE - poutine
PLAYFUL - onion rings
FANTASTIC - spicy peanut noodles

They have a few beers, wine and sparkling wine as well, though I've stuck to water.

Favourites so far are PLAYFUL onion rings and the DIVINE dumplings. There are only 4 dumplings on a plate, which is ridiculous for $9, but overall I've enjoyed the food. With their wraps they serve fries or salad, or both on the side and don't charge extra for having both! It's a revelation ;)

I find the small size bowl is a normal serving size and quite filling, especially with a starter. I haven't been hungry enough to try the regular size bowls.

They also make smoothies and energy drinks. I've tasted one, but don't recall and these juices aren't my thing. I'd rather eat my veggies than drink them.

The few times I've been it, it has been very busy and very loud. I think this spot will do well and go beyond just the yoga crowd.

Edit: Needed to add, I hate their manifesto. Hate it, yet I like the restaurant, so I just glaze over the "for the..." stuff ;)

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