LF: kombucha mother [General]

2010 Mar 25
i drank a lot of kombucha out west and would like to start making it here. on my last visit, i forgot to bring back a mother to start my own mix up. does anyone make kombucha in ottawa and have a mother to spare? the kind i drank was made with a base of flavoured stash tea. it tastes like a really healthy, yummy pop.

incase you have never heard of kombucha, it is a fermented tea that has a naturally growing mushroom ontop. you have to feed the mushroom aka mother. as it grows, you can peel off the layers and give them to friends to start their own kombucha.

2011 Feb 21
solstice, i am no fan of eating mushrooms, but this one just floats on top. here are some pictures of my batch. you can see much more interesting pictures on line.

you can see bubbles starting to form from the natural carbonation.

2014 Jun 22
You can make water kefir! It generally involves dried fruit, however. Perhaps if you tried the soymilk with a fermentable sugar, it would help?