peek into my fridge [General]

2009 Dec 9
admiring niall's nice, clean fridge full of liquor, i am curious as to what other people's fridges look like inside. i will post a picture of my own tonight. is anyone else willing to share a look inside their own?

2009 Dec 11
ok, here are 3 pics. my fridge, the door and the freezer.

topshelf - headstrong pale ale and red cap beer, tabouli, lemon glaze, butter, rose water, lemon juice, milk, juice, cream, lizano sauce (kind of a mexican hp?).

next: yogurt, hummus, salad dressing, cream cheese, cat treats, hot chili sauce, jam, blueberries (plus tons of asian condiments and greaves jam).


bottom: milk, rice paper veggie rolls, yogurt, kid-cheese (marble), eggs

drawers: lemons, apples, limes, grapes, red peppers...

2011 Jul 11
live4food, i'd say having a pig's head pickling in the fridge is probably the exact right time to take a picture of the contents.