Cider help [General]

2016 Jun 6
Cider is one of my favourite things to drink. Hard cider that is. All natural 5% fizzy apple juice. My two favourites are Aspall's and Stowford Press. Both from England and only one was ever available at the LCBO until a few years ago. I have been looking in vain in both QC and ON for a good cider like those but I have found only glucose fructose corporate crap. I have tried Savannah, Pommies, Mustique, Waupood and Angry Orchard. Any ideas would be greatly welcomed.

2016 Jun 6

SAQ has 193 cider offerings on their website:

2017 Jun 2
Cracked Apple with Spiced Rum was my absolute favourite but sadly the LCBO no longer carries it.
I guess I'll be experimenting mixing cider with spiced rum to try and recreate it.

Magners Pear cider is another favourite as well as one called Grow A Pear. Refreshing, crisp and not overly sweet.