Open topic - Vegetarian restos in Ottawa [General]

2016 Oct 24
I'm not vegetarian (I do like chicken broth, don't intensily check food labels and love my ocassioNsl chicken and steak fajitas, tuna and caviar) But 90% of what I eat is veggie (out of taste preference). I was curious to hear other foodies thoughts on the topic.

Personally I like naturally vegetarian food like veggie sushi, stir fry, couscous, salads etc... and not so much the mutant over worked attempt at veggie dishes.

My favourites are most Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese, Mexican, rinag samosas and Tapas. I loved Sacred garden back in the day (they should try reopening on elgin or Preston:) Thecommensal in Montreal (resto vego now), fresh in To.

Not a fan of the table, green door (both expensive and a bit oily for my taste) or pure kitchen (beautiful plates but blend flavour, pricey and overworked attempt at veggie food but awesome juices! and decor) but was impressed with perfection satisfaction promise last time I went and adore the veggie pizza from crust and crate.

What are you fav restos or veggie dishes from restos?

2016 Oct 25
I agree with you, not a fan of the Green Door or the Table and love all the foods you mentioned. The Little India Cafe makes really good Chana Masala. I have a family friend who's a strict vegetarian and knows way more about food than I do and she drives all the way from Manotick to get their dishes. Inside can be quite crowded so I imagine takeout is the best option. Les Grillades is the only other place that comes to mind. I haven't been to their Colonnade location but their Holland location made an amazing falafel and it's the same chef so I don't imagine it's changed. I already miss their Holland store!

2016 Oct 26
I like the Green Door. Great variety, everything tastes fresh, fantastic desserts, and it's just one of the more unique restaurants in Ottawa for ambiance.

I've been impressed by Pure. Those onion rings should come with an addiction disclaimer.

Falafel.... Shawarma Palace makes the best in the city in my informed opinion.

The Wild Oat on Bank does some great food. I really enjoy the sandwich and coffee bar side, but the takeaway stuff and baked goods at the front are consistently tasty goodness. I may have just been there earlier today and eaten entirely too much food.

2016 Oct 26
Green door is great.

Panago on Bank St., has vegan pizza.

Gringo Burrito has vegan options.

Lots of Asian restaurants can do vegan options.

The veggie burger at Harvey's is good.

I haven't tried the vegetarian option at 5 guys, because it's just toppings, but friends set me straight and tell me it's great. You can just go for fries there if you like.

Potatoes are a complete food.

2016 Oct 26
Here are a few:

Bread & Sons : avocado sandwiches (entire place is vegetarian, plus vegan options)
Morning Owl : Roasted Tofu sandwich - on art-is-in bread, thin slices of tofu, artichoke, arugula
Roan - Korean food truck on Bank, near Albert : Tofu bimbap
Manx : Tofu tacos
Pure : cauliflower buffalo wing wrap
Farmteam Cookhouse : Nut burger
Blue Nile - or any Ethiopian : Vegetarian platters
Ottawa Farmer's Market - Worke's Kitchen : Injera Lentil Wraps (spicy)
Art-in-In : Spicy dill pickle sandwich
Bridgehead : Bean and cheese buritto
Evoo Greek Kitchen : Zuchinni cakes, Grilled hallloumi, dips
Greek Bakery : Veggie Wrap - lots of tatziki

2016 Oct 26
Cafe My House is consistently phenomenal.

2016 Oct 26
Thanks for the great comments and suggestions:)

2016 Oct 27
Must second HipFunky on the Morning Owl tofu sandwich... That thing is a beast!

2016 Oct 29
Asian Stars has lots of vegan options on the menu. Vietnamese and Thai dishes done vegan.

2016 Oct 29
Vegan dish at Asian Stars

2016 Oct 29
Asian Stars vegan spicy Pho with vegan beef and vegan ham. Texture and taste were different from beef and ham, but satisfying.

2016 Nov 3
If you are in Wellington West (closer to Parkdale end) Little Jo Berry's is a cute place for Vegan treats, sandwiches and coffee :)

They always have fun pastries and seasonal offerings!

2016 Nov 5
Vegan desserts at Asian Stars . . . .

The banana in sticky rice (top right) is very good, and a favorite of mine. Its got banana, sticky rice, coconut milk, tapioca and nuts I think . . . .

2016 Nov 6
Layered cheesecake (cashew based) at la belle vert:

2016 Nov 8
Apt613 just published a nice article on vegetarian food:

Interesting to see Apt613 emulating some of what Narcity is doing: e.g. arbitrary "Nine great places Ottawa" lists. The big difference being that the content on Apt613 seems well researched. The terribly written articles I've seen on Narcity are downright insulting to the reader's time.