All You Can Eat Sushi at 168 Sushi Buffet
Foods from 168 Sushi Buffet

2015 Aug 4
I really like this place the food is great, the service is very good.

2014 Jun 28
I like the chicken yakitori? skewers from the St Laurent location.

They are fried and crispy. not really real yakitori, but tasty crispy chicken on a stick!

The worst sushi I had at 168 was the Ginger Crisp.

-when I went to ask the server what it was. Is the ginger fried, is it w tempura.
I'd never been to 168 and no sushi place I eat at has "ginger crisp" anything...

I was told "it ginger, it crispy and good".
Tried asking a second time and told "it good with ginger, try it".

**Turns out it is a big pile of the sushi ginger with tempura flakes rolled up into a sushi roll.
If you like tons of sushi ginger and tempura might like it.

Also Cucumber Chips sushi.
Thought it might be slices of cucumber?
Nope shredded cucumber on a pringles chip w sauce.

Also the "tempura scallop at the St laurent location, it is "immitation scallop nugget" which is prob why they put so much sauce on it, so ppl do not notice...

Will also add the Crispy Tofu was great.
It is so crunch and really good!

2014 Jun 20
Actually I prefer the St. Laurent version to the Merrivale version. But a big part of sushi is preparation. If it falls apart before it reaches your mouth it's not made right.

The staff and service at the St. Laurent version have always been tops!

2014 Jun 11
Portions were unnaturally large and/or greasy compared to the Merivale location. It was half empty on a Saturday night; the Merivale location usually has a lineup.

Maybe we had an off night?