Chinese Noodle Shop [General]

2016 Oct 17
A new Chinese Noodle Shop (hand made noodles) opened at the corner of George and Cumberland, across from Metro grocery, last Wed. I saw a line up around the block for it on the weekend and tried it for lunch today.

It's very good. I made mine very spicy. Like Pho but stronger flavors. I made mine spicy and I was sweating :-)

2016 Oct 18
Warby, the spam bots are attacking!

Also, I may make a trip out that way after word one day. I like noodles, and soup.

2016 Oct 18
I'll be eager to see pics? I wonder if they have the northern style dau shau man broad noodles. I've never encountered these in North America... Anyone have a name?

2016 Oct 18
SushiStevie, it's called something like LA NOODLE SHOP. I'll let you know more as I find it...

2016 Oct 18
Found the website! Google Translate to the rescue:

Set up a vendor page: La Noodle

2016 Oct 18
Woohoo THANKS!

2016 Oct 19
The link to the website that warby posted doesn't work when I click on it. Does it work for anyone else?

It serves noodles and it's near the Bytowne cinema which I go to frequently so this place is soooo convenient!

2016 Oct 19
Pasta lover, their web server is not currently reachable. For a new business I'd assume this is a temporary situation. :-)

In the meantime, here's their facebook page:

2016 Oct 20
Thanks warby that would explain why their website doesn't work ;) Thanks to the facebook link - their dishes sure look delicious!

2016 Oct 21
I should have posted more information, but I didn't even remember the name.

And I should have taken a pic with my phone, but I forgot to at the time :-)

Warby thanks for the followup.

Also they were cash only when I was there, as they hadn't gotten everything hooked up.

I'm not sure if they charged me the right price, but it was under $20 with tip.

On the table there was a small jar of a vinegar (brown and savory) and a small jar of chill pepper oil. The vinegar is good in the soup and my Chinese companions said that is the traditional way to have it.

I put the vinegar in my soup and I liked the savory and slightly sour taste imparted.

These spicy noodles dishes are a cuisine from the North-West part of the country.

I looked at the Facebook page. But it's not ramen ! :-)

My Chinese companions, one from Shanghai and one from the North-West region, say the soup was pretty good.

It's a chain restaurant, but this is the first one in Ottawa.

Warby, did you like it ? What's your review ?

My initial impression: somewhat like Pho, but stronger flavors, spicy, savory, sour (if you put in the vinegar).

I looked at the Facebook page . . . but it's not ramen ! :-)

2016 Oct 21
Chinese friends say there is another noodle shop at 1121 Medowlands.

This one is Beijing style, dry noodles, with small side dishes of various meats and vegetables that you add in to the noodles one bite at a time.

I couldn't find it on google, all I have is this screenshot.

But it might be "Xiang Zi"

2016 Oct 21
Francis, yup it's definitely XiangZi. It opened earlier this month. I haven't been yet (nor to La Noodle). Must get out more! :-)

2016 Oct 23
Found some pics on google of Xiang Zi. It's twice as far as La Noodle crossing from the Quebec side, so I'll probably head back to La Noodle with my daughters tonight and take some pictures this time :-)

2016 Oct 23
I think this was a vegetarian one at La Noodle