InstantPot Sous Vide Circulator [General]

2016 Sep 25
New product from InstantPot:

Can't find it on yet.

2016 Sep 25
Instant Pot is also coming out with a steamer set which will be released Dec. 1 by As usual, has so far not listed it.

2016 Sep 25
I do a lot of pressure steaming in the InstantPot. It comes to pressure faster with less water and I think more nutrients are preserved in the foods by pressure steaming.

Potatoes you can pressure steam in 6 - 8 minutes.

Cheesecakes are pressure steamed.

Apple sauce. There is a bumper crop of apples in Quebec this year and you can buy huge bags of deer apples very cheap. Pressure steam apples for 15 min and you've got apple sauce.

2016 Nov 25
Black Friday deal on this in the US on amazon. I don't know if it's out in Canada.

2016 Nov 26 had it on yesterday for $89. I looked at it longingly but since I have a rig already I couldn't justify buying another. I did buy a second pot for $89 Cdn.

2016 Nov 30
FF which 2nd IP did you buy?

2016 Dec 1
If enough people here get together, InstantPot has given a very good local group buy price in the past. The inventor lives in Kanata.

2017 Nov 24
Instant Pot Accu SV800 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator (120V, 800W)

$89.99 (reg $162)

On right now!

2017 Nov 24
That deal is only for Prime members. Best Buy has the same deal and you don't have to pay 39$ extra to get it.

2017 Dec 13
I own one and so far it works very well. Good for home use. Recommended, especially considering the price.

2017 Dec 19
I bought it using the one month free trial. Somethings in life are free (at least for a month). Christmas roast is going to be sous good!

2017 Dec 20
You are going to love it.

2017 Dec 21
Thanks for the recommendations, everyone! I might try this out as well.

2018 Jan 9
Hallie Cotnam from CBC Ottawa Morning is looking for people who have an instant pot and who either love it or hate it. I believe she is soliciting comments for an upcoming show. More details on her twitter feed here: