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This casual eatery overlooks the lake in Wakefield, Que. It serves lunch and dinner.

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2014 Dec 15
during the summers and esp. the height of the fall color season, LH is often a bit of a madhouse. But, a visit a couple weekends ago reconfirms it to be a nice place to enjoy a lingering meal in the off-season. Bypass the lunch rush, you might end up sharing the expansive, eclectically furnished dining area with 2 or 3 other tables and then it becomes an unhurried environment to chat, read the paper or just enjoy the lake view.

Food wise, my dining companion thoroughly enjoyed the french onion soup, and i thought the veg burger (combo of beets and black beans) to be as tasty/interesting as the last time i had it (2 yrs previous). They serve fin du monde (!) and a couple other decent beers. i was a happy, content diner (again).

2013 Aug 31
Thank you for your reviews! We're pleased people are talking about us!

We've been growing and improving and are going strong. We love our eclectic atmosphere and beautiful view of the Gatineau River.

Please come and see us and try our new menu items and specials.

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Thank you,
Your friendly neighbourhood Hibou

2012 Oct 14
Probably not a destination restaurant, but our TG weekend hiking group found Le Hibou a pleasant, bustling and tasty lunch place.

The menu, in retrospect, seemed pescatarian - most of the meals we ended up with were veg or fish-veg in orientation. Either way, our collective fav was the burger my partner ordered, a veggie patty concocted of black-beans and beets, served in a chewy/tasty bun and aioli-mayo. The beets imparted a sweetness i'd normally find cloying in a sandwich, but to both my palette and partner's, they gave the burger a unique flavor and moist texture. Wish i ordered it(!), my SO turned stingy on this eating event. She did allow me to dig into the accompanying fries - somewhat unremarkable, but plentiful.

Lunch for moi was lite-ish - soup, salad and a martini. Soup yummy, a roasted potato / carrot bowl, zipped up w/ slight acidic under-tones (citrus of sorts?). Salad was some sort of "chipolte ceaser", tasty enough. Martini was martini.

Eclectically furnished and comfortable, there's lots of kitchen style tables in the main eating section and also a couple couches for the lounging and overspill types who don't mind eating over coffee tables. There's also a small bar-area toward the anterior. All roofed under what i'm thinking might be a former ski shop (or similar), high chalet-style ceilings and the like.

Crowd -there was a crowd, this being a long weekend- was similarly eclectic. Family-friendly, strollers and toddlers happily accommodated. Also spotted were a couple hipsters - or so we thought, we're only going by urban dictionary defs. :) In short, Le H seems an all-inclusive, Wakefield sort of place.

Drinks-in, our two meals rang-in at the mid-$40's range. Friendly, bilingual staff. And, keeping with its namesake-mascot, the views from its patio are awesome this time of year.

2010 Jul 15
We stopped in for a quick lunch. I had a spicy shrimp appetizer, my husband had the nachos. The shrimp was very good, spicy but not overly so, and served with really nice fresh bread to sop up the sauce. The tacos were okay - the way they were described made them sound more unique than they were. The outdoor seating area is large and comfortable, with a combination of table/chair arrangements, sofas, etc., so a very nice atmosphere. The restaurant sits right across the road from the lake, so it has a very pleasant view. I gathered from observing those around me that the desserts are excellent, although I didn't try any. They look great, and I suspect that's something they will be known for.